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cyber-bully 7 times over LIVES 4 HRS away is IN my area NOW

cyber-bully 7 times over LIVES 4 HRS away is IN my area  NOW
cyber-bully 7 times over LIVES 4 HRS away is IN my area NOW
Report #: 259 - 12 Comments
Date Reported: Friday, October 21, 2011
Status: Active and Ongoing
Severity: High - Cyberstalking
Primary Weapon: Cross Site Stalking
Specific Location: I live in Cocoa, she lives in Sarasota
City/Local Area: Space Coast
State/Territory: Florida
Region: United States

I was ONCE this woman's friend, while she cyber bullied OTHERS. She once wrote for an online publication, but they too banned her. I have had her twit longer acct banned and removed. She is a known felon, & claims to be a famous writer, "world" famous. She used me to copy edit her book, because she cannot spell or write a sentence let alone a paragraph. We would always joke around, & I say "we" because it was a 2 way street. 1 day she woke up on the wrong side of the bed w/o her meds, & started attacking me. She takes donations w/wepay & paypal for organizations for the homeless & other agencies trying to get help & puts the finds into her own private accts. I also shut down several of those. She has bogus accounts in other names, pretending to be other people. Even for the pay to write places. I have all of my ducks in a row, w/ a folder full of paper work an inch thick. When you find her criminal file on the web, you must search it by her DC# and her REAL name which is: 162996 Heidi Churchill. It is NOT against the law, nor defamation of character to state facts. And the FACT is, this woman is NOW in my neighborhood, I know, my car broke down the other day, and we pushed in into a parking lot, and the car we ended up behind, was HERS! She is NOW right here, in my area, stalking me where I live! Like doing things to me online wasn't enough! And as I have said, I am not her first victim! And she has now put her tweets under lock & key, because she posting things about me using MY name in its entirety and I keep reporting it, & the only agency that shut it off & down, was twit longer! I will not STOP until I get this woman to stop until I get this woman to stop posting about me daily! She posts lies after lies, in her blog daily. I don't know why no one else does anything, & why everyone else cowers down, but I refuse. She says shes been to my County filing charges on me. Whatever. I have done nothing wrong but report her. I point blank ask her to stop. That's right, I ask. & she went off on ME! Like I said, I have proof, there are people who "could" speak up, but are for some lame reason scared of this woman. I am not. Nor will I ever be. Sure, she may be in my own home town right now, she even be lies in her blog about my truck fulls size & purple in her blog, making it ALL the way to Sarasota, w/ all of its problems. That in itself is a laugh! She says I live in Cocoa Beach! She says I do not own trailers! She cashes checks her mouth cannot keep. And I am tired of it. I will not keep being abused by someone who refuses to take their medication. I am not a child, & I will not be treated like one. Although it is just words, believe it or not, they do hurt, & it is not right to abuse someone over jealousy, just because you think life is a competition. I do not know what "really' sent this woman over the edge, but I truly want her to back off of me & stay that way. & I never ever want to see her or the likes of her ever again, or even see or hear the mention of her name. I am beyond done. And yes I am well aware she can easily erase & change delete and copy and paste and make everything go away & look like the sweet innocent little victim that she likes to play. But She is not the victim online, and I am not her first victim and I will not be her last. I wish to God that the others would come forth and speak up, but trust me, there are others she has abused, and I do have some of it in my folder! YES I do!

10/21/2011 -

HERE is where you go to enter her DC # AND NAME:

10/22/2011 -

Here is another site where you need not type in ANYTHING to verify anything I've said. OH! & look @ her now photos, the NOSE is EXACTLY the same. she just uses different color contacts. Here is the link:

10/22/2011 -

This is a lie! This female who posted this knows it is a LIE! She is making things up about this chic (Nikol). Deneale is actually the one facilitating the stalking and bullying and I see it on Facebook and Twitter. Deneale is the one who is posting Nikol's old number and private email on the internet stating she(Nikol) is a sex offender.

deneale is currently being sued by the actual victim here which is not Deneale. Mostly, this is not Nikol in the photos and criminal mug shot she listed. Not even close to her! Nikol doesn't live any where near this lady who is reporting this.

10/22/2011 -

ran out of room.

Deneale needs to be stopped because she is actually the one harrassing and stalking Nikol. The law is involved because Deneale has violated several laws in stalking Nikol. I read her blog and no where in the blog does it harass or stalk or what ever this chic who is saying she is stalking her.

Dont you think that if she was actually doing this, the "reports" would have shut her down? No instead, Nikol is the one being stalked. And Deneale is the one doing the harassment. I have seen the tweets that she makes and her friends. Quit LYING!

10/22/2011 -

Just because Nikol STATES "things" are happening doesn't mean they "are". The sliced tires NEVER happened. & Nikol KNOWS it, Deneale doesn't owe her ANY money either, & she KNOWS it & THIS is an OLD photo & it is Nikol & SO ARE YOU. She colors her hair now, wears contacts & is still a thief. The Police ARE involved. & What Nikol is doing IS a crime its Y her twit longer acct is NO LONGER! Notice 1 of her friends had 2 return funds as well 4 donations? Also her. I am Deneale, & I refuse 2 let U or NE1 back ME into corners ANY longer. U will NOT lie NE more! I am being bullies & abused! STOP IT!

10/22/2011 -

Deneale, I have known Nikol for almost 25-years. You are so far from the truth that even your attacks on here are misguided.

Nik has never worn contacts. Her eyes have always been hazel. As far as her friend is concerned, all the funds were put on hold until investigations from your fraudulent complaints. She is now able to walk the SGK 60-mile walk. Also, Nik has never had to return any money to anyone because all fund collected went straight to the NPOs she collects for.

10/22/2011 -

It is funny for someone who is the "victim" you sure do stalk her pages more than anything else. I thought you should know I am the friend who is in town visiting for the next year and I was there when we came out to find the tires slashed. Just like I was there when the smoke bomb was thrown into where she was at (which by the way was on the SAME night you claim she was in your area... funny how that is that she was one place which is been verified and is documented by another person yet you saw her vehicle.. why because you are the one who has been causing her problems) You are a criminal.

10/22/2011 -

I have compared both accounts Deneales and Nikols. If you look at them side by side you can see that Nikol started it and keeps it going.

I also think that its sickening that cyberbullyingreport is allowing Nikol to keep abusing Deneale. You can clearly tell it's Nikol by her IP. I think it's very unprofessional. FYI Nikols info has never been private, it's listed on her domain look up. Located here: BTW I am admin of a cyberbully website as well. Deneale I'll be contacting you shortly.

10/22/2011 -

Hello Nikol, I am Neil Taggert, I am not Deneale, I am the one who posted your phone number due to the abuse. Get your facts straight before you end up in jail AGAIN. You are starting to cross the line with me woman. My wife has seen your emails, heard your voice mails, and seen your texts. Enough is enough. I'm not going to show you my penis to prove to you I'm male. Your posting here has been reported for lies which MY twitter account proves. By the way, you copying her, and stalking her by writing this afterwards proves you need to stop.!/neilistics

10/23/2011 -

Image 59 here, shows Nikol with her brown eyes AND brown hair, that is until she deletes it. But as long as she keeps posting fraud cyber bullying accusations here, it just goes to prove whom is guilty and whom is not, IE: monkey see, monkey do. I am sorry this had to happen, and I was forced to do this, I simply WANTED it to stop. Notice "I" didn't put her name in the subject line. I wasn't trying to embarrass her, simply STOP her. There is a difference. That is & always was & will be my goal. To get Heidi Ashelee Nikol Hull Purvis to leave me alone!

10/25/2011 -

I was friends with Nik at one time. She befriend me also. And then made up stuff about me as well. Then she hacked into my facebook and posted cuss words and stuff to people and stuff and got my account closed. I was than in GA. She also accused me of coming to do things to her. I ended up also owing her money, everything you are going through seems to be very repetative. She is making death threats to you and your family on her facebook, I am on her page under another identity. I am currently using a friends computer so my IP doesn't show I am that scared of this woman. She isn't right.

10/25/2011 -

If an agency is going to allow you to post cyberbully reports, just to expose them, they also should be willing to do something. I am getting tired of this crap, and as I can well enough see, even as I have seen Deneale tweet, once Deneale reports the harassment and does something to Nikol or tries to get the broad to stop, just like Deneale says, it is a Monkey see Monkey do spun out of control. Deneale sends a bill on paypal, Nikol copies. Deneale posts a cyberbully report, Nikol copies. I think obviously someone idolizes someone and can't say it. Grow up, get your own life Nikol.

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