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Willow Palin Bullying Facebook Users with Anti-Gay Slurs

Willow Palin Bullying Facebook Users with Anti-Gay Slurs
Willow Palin Bullying Facebook Users with Anti-Gay Slurs
Report #: 25 - 0 Comments
Date Reported: Monday, January 17, 2011
Status: Past Incident
Severity: Moderate - Public Bullying
Primary Weapon: Social Networks
Specific Location: Sarah Palin's House in Wasilla
City/Local Area: Anchorage
State/Territory: Alaska
Region: United States

Sarah Palin's 16 year old daughter Willow Palin attacked a former classmate named Tre on Facebook with anti-gay slurs back in November of 2010. Willow became angry after being informed that "Sarah Palin's Alaska", her mothers cable television show on the TLC network was "failing so hard right now". Willow responded with a profanity rich rant calling Tre a "fagg*t and claiming to have "seen pictures of" him in which he looked "disgusting" before lashing out at other users by issues a statement falsely expressing sympathy for their feelings of jealousy over her "families success" and informing them that "aren't goin to go anywhere with" their "lives".

The media hopped all over Willow as well as her mother debating whether Sarah responded to her daughters behavior appropriately and discussing ideas for what parents should do when they learn that their daughter has a dirty mouth. The general consensus is that education through punishment is the best medicine.

In Willow's case a simple lesson of how to defend an accusation with facts before resorting to name calling would have prevented the incident all together. Tre falsely stated that her mother's show was failing. The show had just launched with as many as 5 million viewers tuning in for the premier. At the time she could have used those numbers to simply correct him with the facts. Unfortunately she decided to be a bully about it and now that her mom's show really is failing hard she will always be known for exposing her dirty mouth publicly defending a dismal failure of a television show.

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