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Being Terrorized over the internet since 2006!

Being Terrorized over the internet since 2006!
Being Terrorized over the internet since 2006!
Report #: 231 - 0 Comments
Date Reported: Sunday, August 21, 2011
Status: Active and Ongoing
Severity: Severe - Cyberterrorism
Primary Weapon: Service Disruption
Specific Location: 7414 Anstead Circle
City/Local Area: Orlando
State/Territory: Florida
Region: United States

In 2006 I became aware of being cyberbullied by an estranged sister named Sandra Faye Belk Bircheat Holka West Johnson, over the internet. She created a false MySpace page using my personal name. Posted my image and wrote several blogs claiming I was a woman seeking other women for fun and that I was scamming people by selling sick dogs, etc. An anonymous email was sent to me sending me the link of this MySpace page. It had been visible for six months. I notified the company whom removed it. After it was removed I found multiple other derogatory content over the internet by the same individual that further damaged my personal name and my business name, Goldendoodle World.

To make matters worse, Sandra Faye Belk pretended to be a wide variety of different people by creating fabricated gmail and ymail accounts to open a multitude of accounts on forums and other websites from 2006 until the present date to further smear my personal name and business name. She incorporated other family members and her own son, Jason Caine Holka to assist her in this internet smear campaign. I have a flickr and photobucket account in which this individual has copied my images for the purpose of photo-shopping them and creating disturbing images and posting derogatory comments. Her son registered my personal name as a .com domain name, then forwarded the domain to a very hateful blogger account for the purpose of libeling my spouse, myself, my son and that of my business name, Goldendoodle World. Both she and her son opened multiple twitter accounts to impersonate me and my business name, Goldendoodle World. They opened email accounts to impersonate me over the internet. I filed BBB complaints. I spoke with an internet attorney. I tried to get a restraining order against her. I even contacted my local police department and their sheriffs department trying to file criminal charges against them both. Jason Caine Holka has an arrest record and both individuals have attempted to steal my mother's home since sandra faye belk Johnson became my mother's POA in May of 2009. My mother has dementia. Everyone passes the buck and has failed to assist me. The attorney wants 30,000 which I do not have. The restraining order was listed due to lack of personal jurisdiction claiming the woman has never been in my area since she is harassing me over the internet. This is the most absurd thing I have ever witnessed in my entire life. Google inc. claims they have a TOS policy, yet they do NOT abide by their own TOS policy. There are cyberstalking and cyberbullying laws yet law enforcement agencies fail to abide by the statutes put into place citing civil matters. When you try and handle matters through civil court, the judge throws the matter OUT citing Lack of personal jurisdiction because the matter regards the internet. WHO THE HELL IS GOING TO TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR THIS TYPE OF BEHAVIOR. When is someone in congress going to wake up and take notice that this is happening by grown adults and NOT just teenagers. The people I am talking about are grown adults. Sandra Faye Belk Johnson is almost 60 years old and her son is well into his 30s. What is wrong with our system and why doesn't someone take responsibility for the internet. Google inc is the HEAD OF THE INTERNET SNAKE. Will it take CONGRESS to chop that head off before someone wakes up and takes notice that this needs to stop.

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