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Crying Wolf After the Fact The Internet- Pros-Cons

Crying Wolf After the Fact The Internet- Pros-Cons
Crying Wolf After the Fact The Internet- Pros-Cons
Report #: 11519 - 0 Comments
Date Reported: Wednesday, November 17, 2021
Status: Active and Ongoing
Severity: Elevated - Smear Campaign
Primary Weapon: Forums
Specific Location: Aurora
City/Local Area: Denver
State/Territory: Colorado
Region: United States

The discovery of the Internet was an amazing thing. I am sure it took many long hard hours, even years to per'fect. However, as useful as On-Line communication is, they is a dark side. As long as an individual or business entity uses the Internet correctly, no major problems should result. Keep in mind, the Internet can be used in ways can literally destroy ones Reputation, Self-Esteem and Future.

A great deal of attention has been brought to on-line Cheating and Infidelity's web sites. The Cold Truth is that these sites can literally ruin a person and at the same time are not illegal. Most sites will not even remove negative information. The web-sites that are willing to remove derogatory information will do so at a cost. In reality, even if you succeed in removing some negative information, what is the use when some web-sites will continue to display such information. In my opinion when it comes to a reputation "It's all or nothing". Removing negative information from only a few sites is not sufficient. Just like only removing part of a Cancerous growth. In the end partial removal of a cancerous growth is useless, the Cancer will continue to grow if not completely removed. Cancer is Destructive just like a Reputation web-site.

I guess a woman scorned has a right to tell her story. However, where does that leave the "Cheater"? Where do we draw the Moral Boundary. Should a person get away with Cheating, Lying, Adultery, Using others, Humiliating another person for their own benefit? Probably Not.

Being exposed through an on-line Cheating or Infidelity web-site can cause a person to lose a career or executive position. Years of hard work and a degree can be gone in an instant if a person gets careless. Even if a person is an asset to an organization, the employer will do what they feel best for business. When immoral behaviors are made public an employer must take action. Inappropriate sexual behavior says a great deal about a persons character as well as their moral fiber and possible religious beliefs.

Sexually inappropriate behavior that is made public can hurt a company's reputation resulting in economic loss and serious damage to a company's good name. Codes of conduct including ethics, morality and respectability is something employers naturally expect from their employees. In addition, employers tend not to trust employees in any capacity if they don't demonstrate good conduct and moral responsibility in their personal lives. Most career professionals understand this and conduct themselves accordingly. However, there are always those who don't follow rules and totally disregard morals and ethics on the job and in their personal lives. It is simply a matter of time before the employer discovers a 'BAD EMPLOYEE'. Termination normally follows. Most do follow rules and moral decency in and outside the work place. . Why should organizations risk the future of their company on a few bad employees? It pays to live a life which follows moral guidelines all the time. A tarnished personal and professional image can't be repaired.

Those who don't follow the rules may very well end up publicly disgraced via the Internet. One must decide-is bad behavior really worth it? Yes it can be fun for a time engaging in Risky behavior.. However, I feel most will agree Family, Friends and Career are far more important than a quick "Roll in the Hay".

My best advice be careful when it comes to relationships especially when it involves Adultery, Inappropriate Sex Encounters as well as anything Involving Pornography, Fantasy Sex or anything else considered Morally Unacceptable. Unless you are unusually discreet and just lucky, 10 to one your going to get caught.

Society may be more liberal then it was 50 yrs ago. However, Society generally doesn't accept immoral sexual behavior, even in this modern age. Getting caught , followed by the pain of being exposed can have a hefty price. A person can lose Family Friends, Careers, Marriage and a society that looks down upon you and your behavior. All the attorneys in n the world can't get you a new reputation.

Finally, its better to behave than to be sorry. One foolish mistake can really cost you. Money can't repair that mistake. Sometimes Compulsive or Obsessive type behaviors can lead to ones downfall. Which is a whole other issue that may need to be evaluated.

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