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Cyber-Stalking Darren Ambler Info Speaking Engagements

Cyber-Stalking Darren Ambler Info Speaking Engagements
Cyber-Stalking Darren Ambler Info Speaking Engagements
Report #: 6518 - 0 Comments
Date Reported: Tuesday, May 25, 2021
Status: Past Incident
Severity: High - Cyberstalking
Primary Weapon: Investigative Services
Specific Location: Cherry Hill/ Camden County
City/Local Area: South Jersey
State/Territory: New Jersey
Region: United States

We must continue the Fight and increase Public Awareness that Cyber Stalking will "NOT" be tolerated in any "Way"- "Shape" or "Form". Also, that the Maximum penalties are enforced by the Courts for even "First" time Offenders. Cyber-Stalking is still a huge problem.

Carol Mullins originally started on-line petitions regarding this matter in 2016. Ms. Mullins no longer handles this cause. All Inquiries concerning, Petitions, Updates as well as Up and Coming Speaking engagements are handled through our firm. All engagements are held with in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

*Our two main speakers are Victims of Cyber-Stalking:

One speaker was stalked on-line in 2016.

Our other speaker was bullied on-line in late 2018.

*One of our speakers shared his Cyber-Stalking experience: it can be viewed on this web-site under the below headings :

Darren Ambler-Cyber Stalking/Aftermath/ Victim -{6511.aspx}

Darren Ambler/ Cyber Stalking/Harassment-Facebook {6492}

We now have two {2} regular speakers that will be conducting Speaking Engagements regarding Cyber-Stalking:

Our Speakers will cover a great deal of material including the following:

1}. How to detect Cyber-Stalking.

2} What to do if you or a loved one is being stalked.

3} Legal Ramifications Cyber-Bullies may face.

4}. Legal Process involved.

5}. Hiring a Skilled and Experienced Attorney.

6}. Proving your Case.

7}. Being Satisfied with action taken against the guilty party.

8]. The Aftermath/ recovering from the Trauma that Victims suffer.

9}. Protecting yourself from future Cyber-Bullying attacks.

10}. Raising Awareness/ Helping other victims.

11}. Understanding the Twisted mind of a Cyber-Stalker.

*Our Speakers will answer the above questions and share their personal and painful Cyber-Bullying experience. The Speakers will also answer questions that the audience may have.

*Normally our engagements are held in Hotel Conference rooms and/or Business Conference Centers. Sessions can accommodate up to 150 persons and last between 2-3 hours. We plan on securing special law enforcement officials and IT specialists to assist our Speakers and guests with additional information in the future.

If Interested in attending future Speaking engagements or you have related questions please email our organization at:

(the email ( at) symbol must be used after pearson- mcnally)

*Inquiry response time is 48 hours/ You may also inquire by commenting below and an Representative will reply with information and details of up and coming Speaking--Engagements. To give those interested an idea of future schedules please see below for tentative times and dates of Cyber--Stalking Speaking engagements. A work shop is being organized to begin hopefully in late fall.

June- 2021: No Engagement Scheduled (Summer hiatus).

July- 2021: (Summer hiatus).

August 21, (Saturday)- 11:00 am. (Princeton-NJ)

September 21, (Tuesday)- 7:00 pm. (Cherry Hill- NJ). Special guest- Retired Police officer.

October 14, (Thursday)- 7:00 pm (Mt. Laurel-NJ).

November- (TBA).

December- (TBA).

Conclusion: Remember when dealing with a Cyber-Bully you must take it seriously. Cyber-Stalkers have an agenda which is to Control, Intimidate, arouse Fear and disrupt the Victims life. Stalkers can become dangerous. Most Cyber-Stalkers have deep rooted Emotional problems. In addition, they may suffer from Compulsive disorders, Depression, Poor Self-Esteem and possible Rage. Many are too cowardly to face their Victim. This is why Cyber-Stalkers operate from behind a Computer screen. They have no thought of ever being caught. Stalkers invade their Victims life with no feeling or thought on how they may be affecting their intended Victim. Studies indicate that Cyber-Stalkers are anti-social and some have Sexual identity issues. Large percentage of Cyber-Bullies also engage in On--Line Pornography and frequent Sex web-sites. They are generally lonely troubled souls that lead a far from normal life. When Stalkers are caught they may attempt to Justify their actions. Stalkers are Cold and Calculating that's why they are so dangerous. Cyber-Bullies have feelings of entitlement and feel they have just cause for Harassing others.

Bullies of this kind can never be trusted and they more than likely have done other cruel things to people. Stalkers are Loners and contribute nothing to others or society. Even if a Cyber Bully gets caught or goes to Jail they seldom change for the better. Always report stalking incidents immediately . Ignoring an enraged Stalker can be Dangerous. Hope too see you at our next speaking engagement.


Connie Roncaise-Director.

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