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Cyber-StalkingDarren Ambler-Conference Follow up

Cyber-StalkingDarren Ambler-Conference Follow up
Cyber-StalkingDarren Ambler-Conference Follow up
Report #: 10517 - 0 Comments
Date Reported: Monday, October 18, 2021
Status: Past Incident
Severity: High - Cyberstalking
Primary Weapon: Other
Specific Location: Cherry Hill
City/Local Area: South Jersey
State/Territory: New Jersey
Region: United States

October 15, 2021

From: Arleen Stahl-Secretary.

Re: Questions & Answers from last Cyber-Stalking Conference:

Date: Thursday October 14th.

Location: Mt. Laurel-NJ:

Time: 07:00-PM. -09;00-PM:


Summary: Thanking all of you who were in attendance on 10/14/21. We were pleased with the attendance record. It seems the conferences are turning out to be a success. Remember, all of you are responsible for the success. We look forward to all of your support and continued interest in Bringing the Cyber-Stalking problem under control.

A Summary Statement from one of the regular speakers {P.R}:

Thank all of you for your overwhelming support. Your interest in the very serious Cyber-Bullying issue is apparent simply by looking at the attendance numbers from month to month since the conferences began.

Summary con't: Something I can't help but notice is that during the question and answers period of each conference {including any e-mailed questions by those that attended but due to time constraints could not ask their question in person}. I noticed I am frequently asked questions concerning my personal feelings about my Cyber-Stalker, Mr. Darren Ambler. I feel my answers are very honest and direct concerning that issue. I did wish to say the following:

No matter how you look at it, Darren Ambler Cyber-Stalked, Bullied me, wrote & spoke Defamatory lies about me. Then Mr. Ambler foolishly attempted to take me to court, which to this day is the stupidest thing he could have done. My attorney advised me to file Counter Charges against Mr. Ambler. I complied. I will say it again, Mr. Ambler should be grateful I agreed to drop my case. Had we gone through with this, Mr. Ambler would have had a felony conviction. In addition, my attorney would have revealed unflattering facts about Mr. Ambler's Personal life in front of a Judge and Jury which could have easily destroyed Mr. Ambler. Also, the Judge would have given him a harsher sentence for his inappropriate conduct. Not a very good role model for Mr. Ambler's small children. Mr. Ambler played with fire and could have gotten in a load of trouble.

I agreed to drop my "WINNABLE' case because Mr. Ambler is not worth the aggravation and money it would have cost me to get a 'GUILTY' verdict against him. In addition, a trial by Jury {which is what my attorney would have demanded} would have taken at least 6 Months to conclude. I have a life and responsible career. I have much more important things to do rather than sit in court with someone as unimportant as Mr. Ambler. Mr. Ambler probably never did anything productive his entire life. Spending hours On Line and trying to find a whore to get laid is not what most people call productive. Again, you must consider his mentality level & his abnormal mind.

Mr. Ambler clearly broke the law , my brilliant attorney had more than enough evidence to find Mr. Ambler guilty 50X over, however, Mr. Ambler initiated court action against me? This in itself shows a screwed up person. Someone who acts as if he has no conception of right vs. wrong, someone with no standard of morality & absolutely no self worth. A lost soul with no conception of how most of the world lives and no concept of the law. It's sad. Every person close to me who is aware about this case thinks Mr. Ambler is 'crazy' or 'mentally disturbed. Nothing this guy does is normal. He seems to live in a place that my attorney referred to as "Darren Land". That is the reason that Mr. Ambler thinks everything he does is right, that he is never wrong.

Mr. Ambler's former wife told me that during their short and turbulent Marriage he refused to ever admit wrong doing. No way that any sane person can live with someone like that. Being around Mr. Ambler will drain a person's physical and mental energy then you end up literally despising the person. That is why I had to get Mr. Ambler out of my life Permanently.

Mr. Ambler isn't capable of understanding what he did to others. I had such peace once he was gone from my life. I'm sure his ex wife also had peace once she split from Mr. Ambler. I think Mr. Ambler drained his poor wife emotionally. Until Mr. Ambler realizes he is seriously mentally ill, his life will continue to be in turmoil. Of course, he spends life messing around with a bunch of sleaze bag whores. No one else could stand being in his company. However, Mr. Ambler seemed content to live this way. I have no time for his kind. I have too much in my life to enjoy. I have an awesome wife, two great kids in college, wonderful close friends, true friends. Mr. Ambler could never be a true friend to anyone.

My wife has a saying "get rid of garbage"--'surround yourself with true-honest and loving people. I doubt Mr.Ambler can understand what that means. I do understand now why Mr. Ambler never had many friends & most people that met him for the first time thought he was strange. Aside from being not right in the head, I still don't fully understand why someone would choose the lifestyle he choose, which was a definite factor as to why our friendship terminated. Plain and simple, I don't associate with white t**sh. No one with any class or common sense does. Mr. Ambler messed up his own life.

Mr. Amber is not normal. I also learned first hand, he isn't a nice person. He is manipulative, self-centered, two-faced, obsessive and cares about himself and his own needs. Mr. Ambler would hurt or back-stab anyone if it was to his benefit. He has no emotions or feelings. Certainly, not someone I would wish to be around. He doesn't have very much by way of personality or warmth which bothered me from day one. Just based on what I would tell my wife about him, she was not happy about the friendship and never trusted Mr. Ambler. She felt that Mr. Ambler was way out of our league in every way. Her instincts turned out true. Most normal people try to better themselves in life. Mr. Ambler is the first person I met that had no interest in bettering or improving himself. If anything he dragged himself down lower than he already was. I doubt anyone that knows about some of the things he did would ever trust him.

He and I used to attend a public meeting group. After the falling out people approached me and said they never understood why I was friends with Mr. Ambler. They said I had an outgoing personality and was likable. They said Mr. Ambler seemed just the opposite of myself. Some of the women said Mr. Ambler creeped them out . One day one of the women joked by saying 'Can you imagine the sight of Darren in bed with one of those ugly sleazy whores he pursues"? I think we laughed so hard someone wet their pants. Very sad and pitiful that all Mr. Ambler can get are ugly whores with no purpose or future. Talk about low self worth. Mr. Ambler can't grasp the fact that you get further in life by being an honest, good person as opposed to a scum bag with no social skills.

I would love for Mr. Ambler to come to a Conference one day and tell the audience that he is the one that cyber stalked me. I would love to hear his convoluted explanation as to why he did it. I am sure he would attempt to rationalize his abnormal actions in this matter. Also, why he felt the need to defame and discredit me simply because he got caught "with his pants down". Mr. Ambler is too much of a coward and he avoids confrontation at all costs.

I hope all of you that asked about my personal feelings toward him had your questions answered after reading this updated material. From now on please keep focus more on the actual cyber stalking incident and not so much focus on my personal feelings about Mr. Ambler. I have no feeling about him any more. He never existed. That's how I look at him now. Thank you.


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