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Cyberbullying-ConferencesDarren Ambler Dollars Cents

Cyberbullying-ConferencesDarren Ambler Dollars  Cents
Cyberbullying-ConferencesDarren Ambler Dollars Cents
Report #: 11518 - 7 Comments
Date Reported: Saturday, November 6, 2021
Status: Past Incident
Severity: High - Cyberstalking
Primary Weapon: IP Tracing
Specific Location: Camden/Burlington Counties
City/Local Area: South Jersey
State/Territory: New Jersey
Region: United States

I do feel the Cyber-Stalking Conferences are wonderful, very informative, and helpful to many people. My daughter was stalked 8 months ago. Attending my second conference a few weeks ago has helped my husband and me understand the sick brain of a stalker. We are going through the legal process also, but it is quite lengthy and the lawyers don't explain the process like the speakers do at these conferences.

I must say both speakers are great! One in particular, the gentleman that was stalked on Facebook a few years ago is probably a bit better with the presentation. Also, this speaker is very personable, seems to possess a sincere warmth and charm. Some people are phony but this guy isn't. These gentlemen seem devoted to their cause. I just feel the one speaker expresses himself a little better than the other. He also seems to care and has an interest in other people. Especially those who have cyberbullying stories to share at the conferences. Joel is good, I just feel the other main speaker expresses himself better and it's easier to take a liking to him.

I never thought about cyberstalkers being anti-social. I remember the speaker that was stalked on Facebook said his stalker was a former friend that had obvious social skill problems and tended to be a loner who was self-absorbed. I did learn after the October conference that statistics show cyberbullies tend to be withdrawn, jealous of others, and have emotional disturbances

Anyway moving forward; I understand it takes money to put these conferences together and these guys spend almost 2. and 1/2 hours speaking at these conferences which I am sure everyone in attendance is grateful for. However, I did find out recently that both of these speakers are booked and paid thru some agency (I guess like a talent or theatrical agency). I was shocked to find that both speakers are paid roughly$5,000 for each 3-hour engagement. Which when it's broken down these guys make almost $60,000 per year just for speaking engagements. I know the one gentlemen who work's full time out of Manhattan as a Marketing analyst for a Broadcast network. I am sure he makes a bundle especially working in New York City. New York City and Northern NJ pay professionals about twice the salary due to the higher cost of living in those areas. I did begin to wonder if these guys are as dedicated as they claim, or is the money attracting them to conduct these monthly engagements.

Don't get me wrong, I think these stalking conferences are necessary and these gentlemen have shared their heartfelt stories and they helped many people. I like them both. But is any speaker worth this kind of money for 3 hours once a month?

Maybe I'm envious because I have a job that will never make me rich. I think back 2 years ago when my husband was laid off. We struggled for 9 months to make ends meet. How many people make $5,000 a month for 3 hours of their time. As I mentioned, they hold full-time jobs too. Guess life isn't fair. Maybe I am contradicting myself with what i have said here. I guess I needed to say it.

I wanted to say thanks guys for your devotion to this cause. Never forget you are being paid very well. I am sure without these conferences less attention would be paid to cyberstalking and possibly it could get more out of hand and dangerous without guys like you sharing your experiences and trying to deter cyberbullies. At the last meeting, statistics did demonstrate that we appear to be winning the fight against cyberbullies. It does appear though, that we have a ways to go in fighting this widespread problem.

I guess I was shocked when I found out what these guys get paid. I guess the people that cut their checks think they are worth it.

11/6/2021 -

This lady first says how great these guys are. then she complains about their pay. First i got to defend my buddy. i don't know the other speaker Joel. My buddy is the nicest- most modest guy in the world. Yes he makes good money in NY. he worked his butt off for years. He is modest & hates talking about money. His wife handles finances. Your half right. An agency pays them but they subtract 25% before these guys get paid. Besides my buddy and his wife have a lot expenses. Ambler put my friend through hell. He is piece of nothing garbage. If it were me i would have put this slime in jail.

11/7/2021 -

These Cyber Conferences are becoming quite popular so much so that the Mayor of a Northern NJ town was present at the October conference. Additionally, an assistant D.A. from the Mercer County Prosecutor's office was also in attendance last month. These guys must be doing something right. It is not really the business of anyone what these guys get paid. I'm sure no one would turn down an offer to do what these guys do especially with that kind of money. It seems the regular speakers Joel and Pat are highly respected and well-liked. Be happy for these guys. They are making a difference.

11/7/2021 -

I used to live on the same street as P.R and his family before they moved to central Jersey. A nice family. I remember the wife telling me how upset and hurt her husband was when this happened. Even if friends have a falling out, you must admit you have to be pretty sleazy and vengeful to try to hurt a former friend the way this stalker Ambler did. I'm not surprised though. It's no secret this Ambler is a shady character who lacks self-respect and refinement. I know the wife never understood how her husband could have ever cared about this guy at all? Some good did result from this.

11/7/2021 -

Someone's salary is nobody's business. i am sure they earn their money.

11/9/2021 -

Welcome to the real world. Lecturers and public speakers, if that's what these people are they are known to be paid well. It looks these men do this once a month but have full time jobs. I admit 5 thou a pop! Darn good money. Not many make $5 thou for 3 hours of service except maybe celebrities. They are lucky. As long as they are true to their cause then I have no issue with it. I give them credit for having the courage to tell their story publicly.

11/17/2021 -

Yes. Agreed/ the original poster did contradict him or herself with the content they wrote here. If you feel it is worthwhile what these gentlemen are doing then enough said. Speakers and anyone in the entertainment industry were always paid well. Much better than the average person with a degree. This has always been true.If your upset by this then pursue a different career.

12/2/2021 -

Anyone that works through a booking agency is fortunate. In general, it's difficult to get representation. It's similar to the entertainment industry. Celebrities try to get agencies to represent them and their talents. Of course, they charge high fees and the money is almost always subtracted before the person receives a dime. In this case the speaker's.

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