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Darren Ambler-Cyber-Stalking-Future Conference Info-Ques-ans

Darren Ambler-Cyber-Stalking-Future Conference Info-Ques-ans
Darren Ambler-Cyber-Stalking-Future Conference Info-Ques-ans
Report #: 8516 - 0 Comments
Date Reported: Wednesday, July 28, 2021
Status: Active and Ongoing
Severity: High - Cyberstalking
Primary Weapon: Investigative Services
Specific Location: Cherry Hill
City/Local Area: South Jersey
State/Territory: New Jersey
Region: United States

From: Pearson-Mc-Nally

Re: Up & Coming Cyber-Stalking Conference:

Date: September 21, 2021:

Location: Cherry Hill-NJ:

Time: 07:00- PM.

Mask Required: Optional.

Room Capacity: 250

Posted by: Aileen Garson /Coordinator:


Hello Everyone!

Aileen from Pearson-Mc Nally. I must thank all of you again for your continuing support. Regarding the next Conference-Tuesday September 21st at exactly 7:00-PM. Final schedule will be updated Sept 3rd.

Also, Additional audience questions that were not answered last time are posted here. Please remember due to time constraints, the Speakers don't have time to address all questions from guest's. Therefore, the remainder of questions & answers from the May Conference are posted below. Thank you.


Question: Hi I am Lee, first, I want to compliment you on how you've handled this situation. I think a lot of people would be tearing this guy apart for what he did and the pain he caused you: What is your feeling toward your stalker now? Thanks.

ANSWER- Thank you-I really have no feeling about Mr. Ambler. I live my life now as if he never existed. Yes-in the beginning I was angry and hurt. However, I realized anger can consume your life if you permit it to. No doubt, Mr. Ambler doesn't give me a second thought so why would I waste my time and energy thinking about him? Actually-those who Mr. Ambler tried to turn against me ended up figuring out the truth for themselves-I am sure they know what kind of person Mr. Ambler is. I will admit-Yes-I dislike him very much. I feel Mr. Ambler is 'dirt under my feet".

Question: From Brad, you made reference to evidence collected by court order. Can you elaborate on the messages that Mr. Ambler wrote about you that he sent to other Facebook friends that you stated were false-inflammatory and slanderous? Aside from a felony that was committed by the stalker, did you also have a strong slander case? Frankly-I would have taken this psycho to the cleaners.

ANSWER-YES, I could have pursued a Slander case against Mr. Ambler also. YES-that would have been winnable too. I could have got a felony conviction for Cyber-Stalking against Ambler. In addition, I could have filed and won a Civil Slander case against him within a County Jurisdiction. Slander cases are normally for monetary damages. Although, I am not in need of money I could have wiped this guy out financially with a civil Slander law-suit. First-to hire an attorney to defend you in a Slander case can be costly. In addition, if money was awarded to the Plaintiff, then the Judgement amount could easily Bankrupt a Defendant. As much as I dislike Mr. Ambler I was not out to ruin him. He will end up ruining himself anyway. As I said many times Mr. Ambler dodged a bullet the first time. If I were him-I would be careful. Next time he may not be so lucky.

ANSWER-PART 02-I'd rather not get into detail about the messages. I will say the messages Mr. Ambler wrote and transmitted via FB Messenger were TOTAL 'LIES'-GROSS FABRICATIONS'-EXTREMELY DEFAMATORY IN NATURE. A direct attack on my CHARACTER & GOOD NAME. Only a hateful human being with an 'ILL' mind would write such SICK LIES.

Question: Hello-my name is Kelly from NY. Do you think according to statistics that stiff Cyber-Laws have cut down on computer crime?

ANSWER: Nationally-I do see a decrease. However we still have a way to go. There are mentally sick people out there "Obsessed" with tormenting their victims. Therefore, they disregard Cyber Stalking & Harassment Laws.

Question: From Kenny-After all is said and done. Do you think this stalker has any concept he did wrong? Do you think he cares at all what impact his stalking had on you as a person?

ANSWER-'NO'-and 'NO'. Mr. Ambler lacks feeling and empathy. He doesn't care about another living being in any way-shape or form. Hope that answers your question.

Question: From Linda- Based on your personal experience & knowledge you gained through interacting with other cyber stalking victims-do you feel all Cyberbully's are mental cases? Aside from control issues and revenge-what are the other reasons stalkers torment victims?

ANSWER-I think I addressed this ques before. I will say-Yes most stalkers have mental illness. Many stalkers suffer from: OCD-DEPRESSION-LOW-SELF WORTH-LONELINESS-it's usually tied into an untreated Compulsive Disorder.-Yes-Cyber-bullying is about 'CONTROL'-'REVENGE' & PUNISHING THE VICTIM.

Question: Ronny-Do you have any knowledge of what ever became of this guy? Do you suspect he may have had other brushes with the law? do you think this Mr. Ambler will ever change and become a useful member of society?

ANSWER-No-Nor do i care what became of him. My guess he probably has gotten worse with his reckless behaviors. No-Can't see him ever changing. In his mind-he does no wrong so why would he change? It is impossible to convey on this forum how screwed up this guy really is? Brushes with law-if he hasn't it's only a matter of time. Even if Mr. Ambler has trouble with the law-I doubt he will change his ways.

Question: Joan- This person sounds like a real sleaze ball. Besides his mental disorders-do you think he has addiction issues? Do you agree that he is a Scum bag? Did he have a troubled upbringing?

ANSWER-I will say he is 'really out there'-maybe another planet or universe altogether. Addiction issues-Yes. No rational thought. No respect for rules, laws, other people, not even himself. Looking into his eyes-you feel like your looking into an cold-non feeling-non emotional hollow shell. Not even a human being. If he had childhood trauma it caused him great Damage. He is for sure DISCONNECTED FROM LIFE & REALITY. According to Mr. Ambler-HE IS ALWAYS RIGHT/ EVERYONE ELSE IS WRONG & He will "Never" apologize for anything. His Ex-wife told me all this in a conversation about 6 years ago. Now I understand why she couldn't live with him. It must have been HELL for her. I hope the Divorce gave her Peace.

Question: Hi my name is Cheryl-Why do you think your stalker never took measures to hide his identity during the 3 1/2 months he stalked you? Also, It seems he made your case easier by blatantly stalking you with no attempt to hide his identity? what are your thoughts on why he made it easy for your lawyer to obtain such direct evidence against him?

ANSWER-Because If he thought at the time there was a possibility of legal action against him, I am sure he would have taken precautions. This guy doesn't think along those lines. Mr. Ambler acts impulsively and never thinks about Consequences. I am sure now he would be much more cautious. Back in 2016 he never thought about getting caught.

Question: Josh B-Hi-Did your attorney think Mr. Ambler was a "crack pot"? Did he ever express or ask you how you got involved with someone so insane? Thank-you.

ANSWER: Part one of ques-Yes. Part two-Yes, however my attorney didn't use those exact words. He did wonder how an intelligent guy and straight shooter like myself ever became involved with the likes of Mr. Ambler. In addition, my Attorney did say-if you mingle with "Garbage" your asking for trouble. If the person is also "Crazy" then your dealing with "Crazy Recycled Garbage". My attorney viewed Mr. Ambler as an anti-social-mental defect-narcissist-who lacked self-respect-moral & ethical principal.

Question: From-Jenny- How did you shield your kids from this stressful time?

ANSWER: Great Question-They knew something occurred kids are bright. My wife & I never discussed this in front of the children. The children are now both in College. After 5 years, I don't think they have any real memory of this event. At the time-they probably thought some crazy man was bothering their dad.

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