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Report #: 12517 - 2 Comments
Date Reported: Monday, December 13, 2021
Status: Active and Ongoing
Severity: Elevated - Smear Campaign
Primary Weapon: Forums
Specific Location: Cherry hill Township
City/Local Area: South Jersey
State/Territory: New Jersey
Region: United States

Darren Ambler has hopelessly sunk into a Delusional-Drug and Sex induced meltdown. In the beginning he used to try to hide the fact that he was a low life sex addict, pervert and drug abuser. Now he is so far gone in the head he goes on public web sites like this one and uses his real name. He don't care that the world knows he is a lowest slime pig on this earth. Darren has zero credibility and respectability. He has the personality like a toad with warts and bugged out poppy eyes and slimy smelly skin.

Darren Ambler has B***s. Talking about how unattractive someone else is. Darren 'four eyed' ambler is an ugly pathetic immoral creature that screwed every mistress and prostitute he got his slimy hands on. He is so lonely, ugly and desperate he would drive to the most crime and drug infested neighborhoods in philadelphia and germantown just to get screwed and to get stoned. Street hookers know Darren by name.

Darren is a sick arrogant lying and very dangerous piece of recycled garbage. A total sociopath that plays the victim. He is a demented sex addict that was careless, he got exposed and now the ugly slime is paying the price. Thats why he bashes and slanders all his past and present 'bed partners'.

Darren ambler should try acting like a man for once. he played dirty got caught, everyone knows he is a dirt ball. just face the truth and stop blaming helpless females for Darrens unattractive face and scrawny body. Stop blaming his paid and unpaid sex partners for his serious and deadly addictions. Darren acts like an immature sissy girl. The filthy sex games, bondage and porno acts are a big part of darrens addictions and obsessions. sick creep. He better get the story straight before he tosses around accusations.

Darren tells about a quarter of the truth. He repeatedly lied about knowing Megan, Bianca, Jenny and all the others. Darren Ambler has an illegitimate kid with Meg. How did Darren get Meg pregnant if he never met her. Hes such a liar. He has another illegitimate kid with another mistress he screwed. Total Geek.

How can Darren lie like this. Darren is delusional from the drugs he did. Sex and drugs and lies is darrens life. He lies and downplays his behavior so people wont think he is a scum. Surprise baby! everyone knows darren is a scum with no scruples, manners or morals. the kind of scum bag that drags everyone else down to his low level. Darren has been with so many females/domme's/hookers and whatever else he could get his disesased hands on. He can't remember because of amnesia brought on by mind altering drugs, his pathological state of mind and his dangerous-out of control sexual and porno addiction. I am not the only one whos sick of his filthy lies and fantasy's. Guess frog face never heard of Mindy Murray either? Liar pants on fire. All those lies will make Darren's face even more gross.

Very bad role model for kids. How could such a pos teach a kid anything useful? Darren loses jobs because employers dont want scum working for them. Scum can hurt a company reputation. Thats how demented darren is. Blaming an abused sex partner for his job losses. What a ugly lying fool.

Darren belongs in jail for abusing females and breaking Sex Traffic/Prostitution Laws many times.He is the one that forced sex on innocent females. He has carried std's for over 6 years. Ladies beware, we are dealing with a sick, lying, drug crazed sex psycho/.

This loser wont even support his illegitimate kids. He dont care about anyone but his ugly self. Couldnt help notice on this site that darren ambler had other issues. it looks like not only does he screw every female desperate enough to have him but it looks like he also stalks people on the web. no surprise Darren is a out of control, unbalanced sex addict. Too bad you didnt go to jail for stalking. Darren obviously isnt one bit embarrassed about his behavior. proves how sick and demented darren really is. He is gross from head to toe and beyond. All crazy people think their normal darren included. Darren has probably forced hundreds of ladies into sex. he is a delusional toxic liar.

12/18/2021 -

Hi Lauren! Darren here. I see you're up to your usual pathological lies and pathetic psychotic crap again! I guess the Ass Eating/Beating biz is real slow right now huh?

12/18/2021 -

My stalker Lauren Giunta is at it again! If anyone knows where Lauren Giunta has moved to PLEASE email me It looks like she left 42 West hortter st. Wouldn't surprise me if she was evicted for running an illegal wh**house out of the home she was renting. I need to keep informed of this psycho shizoids whereabouts. Please email me if anyone knows where she has moved to. This Crazy lunatic is once again contacting my employer and my kids teachers. She's endangering myself and my kids. Please get in touch if you know where she moved to. Thanks.

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