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Darren Ambler Minutes-Transcript from May Cyber-Conference

Darren Ambler Minutes-Transcript from May Cyber-Conference
Darren Ambler Minutes-Transcript from May Cyber-Conference
Report #: 7519 - 0 Comments
Date Reported: Monday, July 5, 2021
Status: Past Incident
Severity: High - Cyberstalking
Primary Weapon: Investigative Services
Specific Location: Princeton Junction
City/Local Area: Central NJ
State/Territory: New Jersey
Region: United States

Minutes/ Transcript --May 22, 2021-- Cyber-Crime Speaking Conference

Location-Princeton Junction NJ.

Duration {start to finish}-183 Minutes:

Attendance-162 seats occupied

Room capacity: 250

Masks Required-Optional

Speakers: {01}:

Part -One/ meeting minutes/transcript/ File#81803-G7:

Available on DVD- Yes:

Summary: Minutes taken directly from Cyber-Stalking Conference held on 5/22/21.

(Introduction: Speaker-01/ ID# 07773-0902: ) Hello..thank you for attending, I know with work schedules and family life it can be challenging trying to set aside 3 hours to come here: I do appreciate it very much:

(01)-My name is {omitted from transcript}: Little background on myself-I am married to a great lady/ we have two children and in a few months both our kids will be in College/ now I feel old.(laughter from audience)-. where does the time go? I have a Masters Degree in Business Admin and I have worked in the Marketing field almost 20 years.

(01-A)-I currently hold an Assist VP Position of Marketing Operations at a large Media outlet {Company name omitted} based out of Manhattan. This new position affords me the flexibility of commuting three days a week and working from my home the remaining two days. I'm grateful because a 5 day commute would be very draining. I love what I do. Hard work and long hours over the years paid off.

(01--B)-I am glad I became involved in this cause. Last year (2020) proved to be a difficult year for my family and I. However, as a family we bonded together and we got through the difficult period. In February 2020 I developed Viral Pneumonia. I had this before however this time i was very ill. It took me about two months to fully recuperate. Around the same time, due to Covid-19, my children's schools closed for about 4 months. This was hard on the children because they had to continue their schooling from home. They had a hard time adjusting and they hated being confined and the isolation from friends and other classmates. My sister suddenly passed on 9/11/20-this was a real heartbreak: Things are much better now.

(02)-Glad you are all here, let me begin:

(02-A)-I had a personal experience with being cyber-stalked back in 2016. It was a difficult time that I hope I never experience again: I guess it helped me understand more about Cyber-Bullying and I hope by becoming involved that I can help others and make a difference.

(02-B)-I know in some cases the person being cyber-stalked doesn't know who their stalker is: In my situation, I knew who my cyber-bully was from day one. Being stalked on-line is very serious and a bit scary also: I urge anyone who has this experience to never ignore it: report any suspected stalking immediately. Therefore, start by telling a family member, teacher, co-worker, friend, significant other etc:

(C)-I felt it isn't necessary to keep mentioning my stalkers name while sharing my story here today- with all of you. Therefore, I will say that my Cyber-Stalker was a former friend named Darren Ambler.

(D)-The best place to start if you are being Cyber-Bullied is by alerting your local Police. The Police will take a report and keep it on file. The Police won't investigate personal cyber-stalking incidents unless it involves Direct Threats, Cyber-Terrorism or Threat of Bodily Harm or Injury. Being that said, the victim or the person being bullied must retain an Attorney.

(03)--In my case, I hired an Attorney fairly quickly. I also have a friend that I went to high school with {name removed} he and his brother started a computer forensic dept at the County Prosecutors Office. I did consult with him about my issue. Rich is his first name, he told me sometimes the Prosecutors Office will get involved and if they do get involved they take care of some of the Investigating. It pays to have connections.

(03-A)--However, the problem was I had already consulted with my Attorney. Once you do that it makes it harder for them to investigate because they can't work with outside attorney's. In addition, due to the large volume of cases handled by a prosecutors office, it may take months before they start working on your case. (03-B)-The fact that Rich is a friend, he would have gotten involved in my case just as a favor. If you permit a County prosecutor to handle a Computer-Related crime as opposed to a private-practice attorney, the Victim really has no say in how the Prosecutor handles the matter. They Investigate, Collect evidence and if evidence is strong they attempt to prosecute. With a private practice attorney the Victim has more say in how they feel the attorney should proceed. However, I was glad that I consulted with the prosecutor. At least I learned how the system works.

(04)- I personally feel it's best to hire your own attorney as soon as possible if you are being bullied on-line.

(A)-The stalking began in April 2016 -it ended on August 1, 2016.

{My Story Continued}-

(04-B)-My Cyber-Stalker and I developed a close friendship that lasted about 2 years. Yes from day one I felt he had some odd behavior. However, as long as a person seems genuine I don't mind becoming friends with them. Looking back now, I feel that Darren Ambler was never genuine or honest . He either put on a good act or I was a bit naive at the time.

(C)-In the beginning, I felt sorry for Darren because he was newly separated. He seemed lonely and he seemed to miss his children terribly. In addition, Mr. Ambler seemed not to have many people in his life in which he could confide. We became friends. I tried to help him correct some things in his life for the better. In general, he could be difficult and was not willing to take advice from others. Mr. Ambler was quiet however he was used to doing things his way. I noticed early on Mr. Ambler was impulsive and didn't have much Common Sense. In addition, he was oblivious to the world around him and had poor social skills. Mr. Ambler's lack of social skills was bothersome. You can never be on the same page with someone like him.

(05)-I did also notice early on that Mr. Ambler was somewhat introverted and non-confrontational. He was not at all like my other friends. Something I wasn't used to but I accepted for friendship sake.

(05-A)-As time passed I noticed that my Cyber-Stalker seemed obsessed with starting a relationship and finding a new girl to replace his wife. His wife initiated the separation. I had someone in mind. It didn't work out. This girl was direct opposite of my former friend in every way. She felt she was way too good for Mr. Ambler. In addition, the fact that he was Divorced with kids convinced this girl that he came with too much baggage. Also- she had other concerns about getting involved. This girl is now happily married to an Oral Surgeon & mother of two.

B)-I feel Darren got angry and upset & blamed the fact they never got together on me. Truth was-she just didn't want him. I feel now he based our friendship on getting something in return. Which isn't a true friend. He turned out to be a bad person/friend. He was self-centered, untrustworthy, lacked basic moral principle and had weak Character. Not likable.

(C)-Our friendship began to faultier by late 2015. It became emotionally draining being in Mr. Ambler's presence. We had nothing in common any more and I had caught him in so many lies. I knew he was into something secretive. He was acting oddly, I hardly heard from him anymore and when I did he never wanted to speak very long. In addition, my wife never met Mr. Ambler but she didn't trust him in the least. My wife encouraged me to end my friendship with Mr. Ambler.

*This concludes part one (1)-of the minutes from the May 22, 2021 Speaking Conference held in Princeton Junction NJ:

*The Remainder of the minutes from May 22- are posted/con't under -Heading- section 02:/Total of 03-Sections: Section-03 Concludes Meeting:

{Minutes/transcript continued in next section}.

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