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Darren AmblerCyber-Conference May Minutes--Part Two Contd

Darren AmblerCyber-Conference May Minutes--Part Two Contd
Darren AmblerCyber-Conference May Minutes--Part Two Contd
Report #: 7520 - 0 Comments
Date Reported: Monday, July 5, 2021
Status: Past Incident
Severity: High - Cyberstalking
Primary Weapon: Investigative Services
Specific Location: Princeton Junction
City/Local Area: Central NJ
State/Territory: New Jersey
Region: United States

*Minutes/Transcript from Cyber-Stalking Speaking Conference-

Part (02)---Continued from previous transcript:

Date: May 22, 2021

Location: Princeton Junction-NJ:

Speaker (#01 continues):

06)--At this point his true colors began to surface. I realized my former friend was very selfish and he did not have too much emotion or feelings about other people. He had previous issues with substance abuse. I began to wonder if possibly he relapsed and was using substances again. His behavior changed so dramatically over a short period of time. Which is a sign of substance abuse. He had serious emotional and behavioral problems. He was the worst possible choice for a friend, I failed to realize this early on. I wish I had. Worst of all, Mr. Ambler would back-stab anyone if he felt he had to. This is the kind of cold-self absorbed person he is inside. People don't change. If anything people get worse over time.

(06-A)--It turned out that discretion was not one of Mr. Ambler's strong points. Which ultimately led to him exposing his secret-double life and his Cyber-Stalking me on Facebook. He was very careless when it came to keeping his double life a secret.

(7)--On April 16-2016 (Saturday) at 12:37 am by way of cell phone I confronted him--of coarse he became defensive, irate and told me several lies. I think I hung up on him after terminating the friendship. Maybe deep inside I still cared and didn't want him messing up his life. I was powerless to change anything so I walked away for good.

(07-A)--On April 18th the Cyber Stalking began. Darren was paranoid and scared that If I repeated what I knew to be true to Facebook friends, his ex wife etc, it could damage his "nice guy" image and have other serious consequences. Now his real true colors were shining through. He began spreading deliberate lies about me to his ex-wife and he also began sending messages to shared Facebook friends. The messages were slanderous--deliberate lies and damaging to my good name. He literally "Trashed" me.

(B)--In addition, Mr. Ambler instructed select mutual friends to unfriend me and not to communicate with me again. He also spied on my Facebook activities daily , Facebook Logs clearly prove this fact. He also monitored any changes to my friend list and Facebook posts I made.

My former friend felt he had to ruin my credibility and my good name to cover up what he was doing. I realized Mr. Ambler was impulsive, lacked common sense and never thought about consequences.

Even worse-he would try to destroy anyone that stood in his way or opposed his behavior and lifestyle. Not a very nice person at all. Certainly not someone I wanted as a friend.

(08)-This guy was acting like a paranoid child or like a person that had a great deal to hide. The Cyber-Bullying lasted over three months. I quickly caught on to what was going on. My friend list started to shrink. The friends that were disappearing from my friend list were all mutual friends of Mr. Ambler and Myself. In addition, one of Darren's alleged friends sent me a message which tipped me off to what Mr. Ambler was doing. People who were supposed to be my Stalker's friends obviously turned against him.

(08-A)--At this point he became so vicious and unpredictable I didn't know what to expect. Within about a month, I retained an Excellent Attorney skilled in Cyber-Crime & related felonies.

(B)--Mr. Ambler continued his Cyber-Stalking. He went as far as contacting Facebook telling them that my Facebook account was a fake account and needed to be shut down. This was clearly the behavior of a paranoid, frightened control freak with a great deal to hide. In addition, he wanted to punish me for discovering his secretive and sorted life. In addition to his Psychological problems, Mr. Ambler was extremely Immature.

(C)-Reporting me to Facebook was proven a false claim and my account was not affected. At this point he was desperate and would try anything to get me off Facebook and get rid of me altogether. Technically, my former friend was attempting also to deprive me the right to free speech. He attempted to control whom I was allowed to communicate with on Facebook (Invasion of Privacy).

(09)--I've learned Cyber-Stalking is an act of Control and Revenge. If not addressed Cyber-Stalking can have serious ramifications. Physical and Psychological injury can be experienced by the victim in some Stalking cases. I had the feeling my case would be easy to prove. Mr. Ambler has no respect for authority, the law and other people. I figured that he probably left evidence behind while he was cyber-stalking me on Facebook.

(B)--I won't elaborate however, I will say he was doing things that were simply immoral-disrespectful-unheard of--things that no one especially family would ever approve. I know that he was engaging in one-night-stands and other inappropriate behavior. I know Mr. Ambler spent long or excessive periods of time on line visiting sex web-sites and Pornography sites.

(B-01)-He was clearly engaging in risky and dangerous behavior. This behavior can end up affecting the lives of his children but Darren was too selfish to care. He was clearly on a destructive path. I wanted no part of him or his lifestyle.

(B-02)-At this point I knew my former friend had serious mental and addiction issues. I had no choice but to walk away and to end the friendship. I ended up disliking him even despising him and everything about him. Today, I live my life as if he never existed.

(C)-It was such a relief to get him out of my life. Little did I know then what Mr. Ambler had in store for me. Everyone else thinks his behavior is odd and out of sorts except for him. Mr. Ambler was great at Justifying his odd behaviors. One thing that always bothered me. Mr. Ambler seemed to live in his own world. He acted as if rules and regulations pertained to everyone else but himself. Mr. Ambler basically did what he wanted weather it was right or wrong. Very unemotional and detached as far as People and Situations were concerned. You have to wonder what is going on inside the head of someone like this.

(C-01)-Even his former wife told me this fact. I was told that Mr. Ambler will never admit wrong, he will never apologize and he constantly justifies his actions.

(D) People told me for months to get this guy out of my life, I wish I listened right then. We were different personality types. Plus Mr. Ambler had serious mental/personality disorders. I now believe he never fully conquered his addictions. Mr. Ambler was never up to my standards, Our Moral & Ethical Values were completely different. I failed to realize these issues early on and I paid the price. I also have self-respect and I care about others. Mr. Ambler is self-absorbed and cares only about himself.

(D-01)-Next- I took a big and very positive step. I retained an Excellent Attorney who is also a friend. He was eager to take my case. First he secured an Investigation. Facebook was great, they fully cooperated. A subpoena was obtained: the documentation was massive and totally "Indisputable". My Attorney couldn't believe that someone could be so "Stupid" to Cyber-Stalk someone for over three months and did absolutely nothing by way of trying to hide his identity.

(D-02)-Mr. Ambler basically handed us everything we needed to win a case against him. It was at that point I was convinced he must have been into substance abuse again. Nobody could be that careless as to stalk and harass someone obsessively for over three months and made no attempt to alter his identity and location. No one ever said Cyber-Bullies were smart (Audience laughs).

(E)- Obviously-to a mentally messed up person like Mr. Ambler the broads and getting laid were more important to him than a friendship (Audience sighs/snickers).

*Guys you have been great- we will take a 20 minute break before continuing:/ Enjoy!

*Continued Part (03) this forum: (separate page):

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