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Darren AmblerCyber-stalking Speaking Engagement follow up

Darren AmblerCyber-stalking Speaking Engagement follow up
Darren AmblerCyber-stalking Speaking Engagement follow up
Report #: 7516 - 0 Comments
Date Reported: Friday, June 25, 2021
Status: Past Incident
Severity: High - Cyberstalking
Primary Weapon: Investigative Services
Specific Location: Princeton
City/Local Area: Central NJ
State/Territory: New Jersey
Region: United States

Regarding the May 22 speaking engagement, it was a success! My name is Sherry and I am the secretary for the organization. I handle paper work, mailings and I assist the speakers with just about anything in which they need assistance.

Those who attended the May 22 Cyber-Stalking speaking event but due to time constraints did not have an opportunity to ask the speaker questions directly, many of you submitted email questions and comments . The speaker answered as many as he could, the questions and replies are below. Thank you for your overwhelming support. Hopefully next time you can ask the speaker any questions you have directly.

QUESTION- from Liz D--You are an awesome speaker. Very professional, I know your married but if you have a brother or friend as handsome as you let me know. My question is god forbid but if this ever happened again by the same crazy guy Darin , would you push for him receiving the harshest punishment allowed by law?

ANSWER-Yes for sure, Mr. Ambler was lucky last time. I vowed if he ever started any of his harassment , stalking and immature antics again my attorney will demand trial by jury and prosecution.

QUESTION-from Mark--You stated that Mr. Ambler was not too bright the fact he openly cyber-stalked you almost daily and used messenger to send slanderous messages about you to other Facebook members. Why do think he wasn't more discreet as far disguising or altering his identity?

ANSWER--I knew Darren Ambler very well. He is very self-absorbed and impulsive. . Mr. Ambler acts and doesn't think about any negative repercussions. He acts as if he can do whatever he pleases to whomever he pleases and he will simply get away with it.

Actually, his lack of discretion was a huge benefit to my attorney and I. Mr. Ambler basically left a damaging paper trail behind.

QUESTION-from Debra-I am sorry what this bully put you through. Can you explain what lead up to this and your feelings about him then and now? If you had an opportunity to say something to him right now what would you say? Thanks.

ANSWER--First, I have grown a lot since the incident. If I was in a room alone with him now- I would say Nothing and walk away. He is so beneath me, like dirt under my feet. I view him as simply no class, a nobody untrustworthy, selfish with a host of severe mental and addiction problems. Very abnormal guy. I wouldn't waste my breath on an unimportant insecure nothing. I have too much class and too much going for me to waste one second thinking about him.

My wife never met him but she suspected from day one he was no good. Actually my wonderful wife and her friend found out some things about him that proved he was dishonest, self centered and lacked class and morals. He just managed to hide his true self from me for a while. In the end Mr. Ambler's true colors surfaced. About 6 months into the friendship I caught him in 2 lies. I should have ditched him then. My close buddy's came up with some pretty harsh names that describe Mr. Ambler very well. I can't repeat on this forum.

COMMENT-from David D--Buddy great job! Cindy & I Luv ya. Call us about Ocean City. Remember, get rid of the sludge! sludge turns into slime after a while. Again, we are so sorry about the death of your sis Lori. We would have come to the funeral but Cindy called the church. They told her only 40 people allowed due to covid-19. Talk to u soon. Tell Karen and the kids hi. Correction, they are not kids any more.

ANSWER- Hey bud great to hear from you! I want to get together.. So busy these days with work and doing this thing. Had a graduation party for my son last week. It will be two in college in the fall. I will send you my cell number. Had it changed a few times. Luv ya guys PR.

QUESTION-Hi I am Lynne, My daughter was cyber bullied last year. We hired a lawyer and the case is pending. My husband and I want to throw the book at this guy. What is the stiffest sentence for first time offenders? Thank you.

ANSWER- Great Question--Not sure that depends on the Judge. However, because Cyber-stalking is a felony he will get some jail time. In my situation, my attorney would have asked for jail time if we had pursued the issue. I had a definite winnable case.

QUESTION-from Jay--Do you think all on line stalkers are crack-pots ? Do they all have mental problems?

ANSWER- I will say Cyber-stalking is not 'normal' behavior. I know in my case , Yes Mr. Ambler has serious issues but to my knowledge he refuses to get help because he thinks he is normal. They think everyone else is crazy. That's why you must erase them from your life. Can't be around people like this. They drain your energy if you permit it. I must add, Mr. Ambler was not the most stimulating person to be around.

QUESTION- from Aliceon- Hello, can you explain in more detail what immoral and degrading behavior this guy was engaging in which made you confront him?

ANSWER-Too detailed to address here- I will say its sexual and it goes a long with his double life and addictive behavior. It's something I would never do nor would any of my family or friends ever do anything like this. You can't be an honest and true human being if you live like Darren Ambler. Also, I guess I was raised with moral boundaries. Something went wrong somewhere with this guy.

QUESTION--from Denise, I sense your stalker is a lonely, insecure non-caring kind of misfit. Do you think he lashed out at you because you are an attractive man with a career, wife and family? Maybe he has a lot jealousy and hate toward you?

ANSWER-Thank you for the compliment. Mainly he tried to hurt me because "i blew his cover'. I discovered he was a phony, liar and had bad addiction issues. He felt threatened that I could ruin his "nice guy" image if I told others what I discovered. Which people eventually found out anyway. Yes- I am sure he is jealous. His wife up and left him. To my knowledge he has split custody of his kids. Basically, He just wants fun no commitments. How can he be happy? I have a beautiful wife and family to go home to. Great friends that are like family, a career, i am well liked. We built a huge home. What does Mr. Ambler have? A lonely family life among other things. Mr. Ambler would never admit he was unhappy.

QUESTION- Im Ed-can you tell me how long the Investigation took? Why did you and your attorney decide not to go to trial and prosecute the freak? He clearly broke the law weather he went to jail or not?

ANSWER- Investigation took 5 weeks/. Yes Ed he broke the law, so much proof was obtained thru court order. Attorney assured me we had a sure win case. However, a trial by jury would have dragged the case on another 6 months. I am a business man with a family. Dragging it out would have cost a lot of money, added stress and causing me to have prolonged interaction with Mr Ambler and all his insanity. He wasn't worth the money, stress or my precious time. I don't waste time with garbage. My Attorney advised me to conclude the case and get Mr. Ambler out of my life. I Agreed.

If it ever happens again, we will prosecute and demand a jury trial. I was satisfied with Mr. Ambler being banned from Facebook. He proved he is too irresponsible and immature to have a Facebook account.

QUESTION-Hi i am Jenny. My question is how long did it take your lawyer to obtain the IP Addresses in your case?

ANSWER- as soon as the Subpoena was executed it took 4 days to be served and 3 days for Facebook to turn over the information. It took about 10 days before my attorney received the documents from Facebook legal. Pretty quick. Courts don't play games.

QUESTION- from Ivy- Do you think he is sorry?

ANSWER- No.-Absolutely No remorse/ He is sorry he got caught.

Additional answers will be posted within two weeks. The speakers are on summer hiatus. Therefore, the next engagement is scheduled for September. Fall schedule will be posted soon.

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