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Darren AmblerCyber StalkingHarassment Facebook

Darren AmblerCyber StalkingHarassment Facebook
Darren AmblerCyber StalkingHarassment Facebook
Report #: 6492 - 3 Comments
Date Reported: Monday, December 7, 2020
Status: Past Incident
Severity: High - Cyberstalking
Primary Weapon: Investigative Services
Specific Location: Cherry Hill
City/Local Area: South Jersey
State/Territory: New Jersey
Region: United States

Darren Ambler (Identified Cyber Stalker):

Current Location: Cherry Hill, NJ/ Camden County Boro:

(Former address):

Delran NJ:


Source: Through Proofs Obtained:

Investigation: Yes

Attorney/ Legal Counsel: Yes (listed in original Complaint):


Date of resolution 08/01/2016:

Action: FB Account closed Disabled/

Violations: Violated NJ Harassment Statutes/Violation of Privacy Statutes:


Additional Action: Facebook Account Closed Indefinitely:

Violated Facebook Standard of conduct and acceptable behavioral codes numerous times: STALKING and Harassment is Prohibited on Facebook Forum:


Summary of Facts: Darren S. Ambler a resident of Cherry Hill, New Jersey within the County of Camden Boro (previously a resident of Delran NJ, County of Burlington): Was identified as a Cyber Stalker. Darren Ambler through "Proofs" obtained indicate that he engaged in Repeated Harassment and Invading the Privacy of another party on the Facebook Forum. An attorney was secured by the Harassed party and a complete investigation was conducted and concluded. Facebook fully cooperated With this Investigation from start until conclusion:

(Appendix LC: 112/ 115):

Facts/Summary: (Continued):

The Harassed party (name omitted), and Darren Ambler developed a friendship which lasted about (2 ) years. Mr. Ambler and the former friend were Facebook friends and shared a number of "mutual friends" on the Facebook forum.

After former friend discovered true and unflattering behavior / that Mr Ambler was engaging in (such as activity related to immoral and inappropriate behaviors) the friendship terminated immediately. Once Darren Ambler's "Double Life" was revealed, he feared others would find out about his secret life and inappropriate behaviors. Therefore, Mr. Ambler felt he had to discredit anything his former friend said so that he would not be believed. Apparently, Darren Ambler felt he had a great deal to lose if others found out about his inappropriate lifestyle and his Pathological lying. (Proof/Yes)

(Appendix LC 116/124):

Mr. Ambler began his Harassment and Stalking tirade against the former friend through the Facebook Forum. The Stalking and Harassment lasted almost four (4) Months.

Darren Ambler began stalking the other party and monitoring his Facebook activities on a regular basis. In addition, Mr. Ambler began contacting shared Facebook "Mutual Friends" with untrue and damaging statements about the former friend. Darren Ambler also informed Shared Facebook Friends to Unfriend this person Immediately. (FB Messenger):

Darren Ambler sent numerous messages to other Facebook members via Facebook Messenger which were defamatory, untrue and damaging about the former friend. Mr. Ambler feared that the former friend would spread word of Mr. Ambler's inappropriate and bazaar behaviors to other Facebook friends.

Mr. Ambler did not realize that each time he logged on to Facebook that concise and very accurate records and logs were being recorded by Facebook security department.

The former friend was aware Mr Ambler was Stalking him on Facebook and that his Facebook "Friend List" was shrinking. The former friend became concerned and secured the services of a skilled attorney to handle the Case: An Investigation quickly ensued.

The Investigation lasted approximately five (5) Weeks. Mr. Ambler had no knowledge an Investigation was taking place. Mr. Ambler was notified at the conclusion of the Investigation;

(Appendix LC: 132/136):

On July 13, 2016/ A Subpoena was secured due to "Probable Cause" The document was Signed by a Judge and executed through the courts of Burlington County NJ to obtain Confidential Information and Documents related to Darren Ambler Facebook Account: The Document was served via Sheriff/ Return of Proof of Service was Requested:

Subpoena Served to Facebook Corporate located in Menlo Park CA: (Proof of Service requested:)

The Subpoena "Demanded" the release of the following:

1). Complete log in/log out logs (specified dates)

2). Any and all Messages sent via messenger from Darren Ambler account to other Facebook forum members on numerous dates and times: (over a 3 month period): (dates specified in document):

3). All passwords associated with the account of Ambler, Darren:

4). All related IP/ ISP Information. (Internet Provider/ Location Info)

5). Information when account was first opened and the IP location in which account originated:

6). Specific security logs which detailed each time Mr. Ambler logged on to his Facebook account and viewed the harassed person's Facebook page.

7). Complete list of all mutual friends the two parties originally shared./

8). Complete names contained on original friend list/ including added friends and all friend requests sent from Ambler, Darren Facebook Account from (04/15/16 thru 07/15/16):

**The Documents revealed a great deal of damaging information/ Damaging to Mr. Darren Ambler:

(Appendix: LCD 137:144):

*The Proofs and evidence are indisputable:

*Facts/: Investigation revealed two distinctive IP Addresses from which most activity took place on part of Darren Ambler:

IP Location Information/:

IP:73:150:45:43 Comcast:/ Delran NJ/ Identified: Ambler, B as the recipient of Service: (PROOF that Darren Ambler used his home computer to carry out the majority of his cyber stalking and harassment:

Secondary IP Address/: 167:211:25:38/Broadwing Serv/ Mountain Lakes NJ/ Medco:

*Secondary IP address Identified as Medco Inc/ Meaning Darren Ambler also accessed his Facebook account from his place of Business. Most of Mr Ambler's computer activity took place from his home location:

*Abuse Reports were filed with appropriate Internet providers: (Filed 09/17/2016):

Conclusion: On August 01, 2016 Facebook in full agreement with Attorney for harassed party CLOSED Darren Ambler's account INDEFINITELY:

Proofs obtained did prove the following Statutes were Violated in a deliberate and Intentional manner:

Statute 2C:33:4:01/ Cyber Stalking/ A Criminal Act within the state of New Jersey:

Statute: 2C:33:4:01/ Harassment/ A Criminal Act within the state of New Jersey:

Statute 2C:43:03/ Invasion of Privacy a Misdemeanor within the state of New Jersey;

Summary Conclusion:/ Harassed party could have taken further action however, it would have proven costly and stressful.

On August 19, attorney representing harassed party sent Darren Ambler a Certified letter stating that he must Cease from any further harassing and/ or staking activity or further legal action would be initiated. (Certified Receipt 08/22/16/ 11:27 am est (file):

In addition, , that the attorney was also in possession of embarrassing and incriminating documents and photos that would be revealed if the case was taken to the next level. The photos and documents would prove quite humiliating for Mr Ambler. Also, Mr. Ambler would have a difficult time explaining away the documents and photos in evidence: (File#0887/51):

Cyber Stalking/Harassment is a serious felony matter and the courts take serious sanctions against anyone found guilty of committing these acts. Jail time and stiff fines may be imposed by the courts: .............Professional Licenses such as Nursing, Pharmacy, Law can be suspended:

*Updated info {02/03/2021} / According to County database: on 5/23/18 a court hearing involving the {2} persons involved was Dismissed/ case Closed.

12/7/2020 -

Great Article Liz. You must have gotten this info from the Legal database. I think this is the case you referenced as part of our assignment. I am glad the person took action. How dumb can a person be stalking another on Facebook. It is sad he must be a nut and a Internet freak. I am going to red your article again about Trolls. I have a couple of questions bout that,


12/7/2020 -

Thank you Shannon. Yes I found this case in the OC Legal Database. It is a good teaching tool for under grads like you. There also were about 7 pages of legal docs that go with this case but i did not have room to post them here. It seems this case was settled. The guilty party should be grateful it came to a resolution. In my opinion, there is strong evidence like IP address and the Facebook documents. You can't argue IP address especially since it was traced back to this guy Ambler. There is no argument once they have the IP. You can go to Jail for this kind of thing.

12/17/2020 -

Just curious about what kind of behavior was going on?? Did he get caught like doing porno movies? Did he engage in multiple partner sex? Glad he got caught. If his behavior was morally acceptable he would have no reason to lie and conceal his naughty activities. You must be so glad he is out of your life. I know I would be over joyed. I am sure the Judge would have thrown the book at him if your attorney had introduced this proof along with the Cyber Bullying activity. Judges don't like sleazy defendants.

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