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Deneale K Williams is violating SEVERAL LAWS

Report #: 260 - 4 Comments
Date Reported: Saturday, October 22, 2011
Status: Active and Ongoing
Severity: High - Cyberstalking
Primary Weapon: Cross Site Stalking
Specific Location: Cocoa Beach
City/Local Area: Space Coast
State/Territory: Florida
Region: United States

At one point, I was "friends" with Deneale. However, after she stole from me a lot of money ($6,000) when she didn't come through on her end of a business agreement and she continued to be derogatory towards my husband and I, we severed the relationship. Since then, she has made our lives a nightmare.

Deneale continues to harass my family, friends, and has caused financial loss due to her lies, defamation, cyber bullying, and cyber stalking. I have shut down half of my social networking sites due to the continued harassment. As the one non-profit my husband and I donate to has been receiving harassing phone calls.

Shortly after she started her lies, defamation, and harassment I changed my cell phone number and in time. She has been behind others harassing me as all well by giving out my old number (she didn't know I had it changed out of advice of my attorney). Now she is telling others I am a felon, and going as far as saying I am a Sex offender. I am none of the above and have proven so over and over since she started.

I may not be a famous author, however, my book sales are my families bread and butter at this point. She has caused SERIOUS financial loss due to her stalking. I am currently working with a detective who is gathering a case against her criminally. We have sent her letters to cease her harassment. As well, we have sent her letters of demand of FULL repayment of the money given to her for a business agreement that she breached the contract in September.

Please, she plays victim so often and is always on the receiving end of harassment or at least she says. She is actually the one starting the issues. I am not the only she has started issues with. However, I am the ONLY one she has gone this far with.

We live in fear to leave our own house because our tires have been sliced since this all started. We have hired security at our house and installed security cameras. As well, we have purchased home protection in case she is to come to our house. We live in fear of this lady and her friends on a daily basis.

I have posted proof that I am not who ever she says I am. Thank goodness those who have known me for years (including family members who she has contacted including my 14 year old son!) know better. However, I am drawing the line because she has contacted my 14 year old son, and my oldest child.

She needs to be stopped and I am thankful for sites like this because the world needs to know about her stalking. Please see links below for her harassment (BTW I am the one she is calling stalker, criminal, "she" etc etc)

She has cost us a lot of money! I have had to cancel the next 5 book signings because I am afraid she will show up. Even though I live over four hours away, she is mentally unstable and lord only knows what she will do.

She is also having a lot of other people harass me. We have had to change our lives completely to make sure she can't get into our lives anymore. We ignore her and she doesn't go away. And because she hasn't done any physical harm we can prove we can't get a restraining order YET!

please note the photo is of her posting my old number and PERSONAL email address for the public to see. Please note I had my number changed a few weeks ago but she posted this this morning.

10/22/2011 -

Hello Nikol, I am Neil Taggert, I am not Deneale, I am the one who posted your phone number due to the abuse. Get your facts straight before you end up in jail AGAIN. You are starting to cross the line with me woman. My wife has seen your emails, heard your voice mails, and seen your texts. Enough is enough. I'm not going to show you my penis to prove to you I'm male. Your posting here has been reported for lies which MY twitter account proves. By the way, you copying her, and stalking her by writing this after wards proves you need to stop.!/neilistics

10/22/2011 -


Really? Seriously? Please what is Nikol's number? You are a liar and a stalker and yes your tweets will prove it. Nikol is not doing any of the above and you know this. However, when it comes to court I hope you know this will be recorded too. Your lies will come out and so will Deneale. Leave Nikol alone! She is not a bad person!

Please post the voice mails in a public forum as well the text message screen shots and the screen shots of the emails! You can't because you are lying. Nikol is a good person who was victimized by Deneale.

10/23/2011 -

Also, Neil you do know it is AGAINST the law to post a PRIVATE phone number without the EXPRESSED permission of the owner? Especially when it is with intent to harass and cause malice. Dude, you two just need to stop. You have been duped by a mentally unhealthy female and you are also lying. Nikol is not a bad person. I have known her for 25+ years and everything that Deneale has posted IS a lie! Your twitter will show you are harassing her too.

I say put your $$ where your mouth is and post EVERYTHING in a public forum so you two can again be the criminals you are.

10/25/2011 -

What photo of her posting your number? An you linked to her account when another person posted it an you knowingly knew it was not her, this is false accusations, yet again another lie. You really need to stop your as Deneale says "Monkey see monkey do" games an get out of her life, an leave her alone an quit lying an accusing her of things she did not nor could not have done. Slashing your tires w/1 running vehicle? On an income of $99 week their gonna drive to Sarasota? I think not. Perhaps your detective work is not so good lately, read mine I put up here for, as told to me by the source.

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