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IdolForums Wrongful ban

IdolForums Wrongful ban
IdolForums Wrongful ban
Report #: 6489 - 0 Comments
Date Reported: Monday, November 30, 2020
Status: Active and Ongoing
Severity: Elevated - Smear Campaign
Primary Weapon: Forums
Specific Location: Fort Wayne
City/Local Area: Fort Wayne
State/Territory: Indiana
Region: United States

I was trying to gain support for female contestants for shows like The Voice and American Idol and was falsely accused of spamming their forums yet will admit to use of profanity.

On November 30, 2020 I went to and find out I was banned for alleged spamming when I know I did not spam yet likely have a misunderstanding. Im considering taking legal action against idolforums but will be more than happy to offer a settlement to gain a partnership between my site Vote for the Girls (which is at and idolforums as well as reinstatement.

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