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Internet Service Providers and Internet Misuse

Internet Service Providers and Internet Misuse
Internet Service Providers and Internet Misuse
Report #: 6509 - 1 Comment
Date Reported: Wednesday, March 24, 2021
Status: Active and Ongoing
Severity: High - Cyberstalking
Primary Weapon: Investigative Services
Specific Location: Lilburn GA
City/Local Area: Atlanta
State/Territory: Georgia
Region: United States

Cyberbullying and Harassment have grown into a "World Wide" problem. More and more Bullying and Online Harassment Cases are being successfully Prosecuted. However, one thing that most people don't know a lot about is "Internet Usage". For the most part, there are probably no more than 4 or 5 Major Internet providers Nationally. For example, Verizon and Comcast seem to dominate the market. There are a few more providers that offer similar services but the Companies are not as well known.

Each time we log on to the Internet whether it's picking up email or visiting a website: we are using the Internet Providers Technological Resources. Therefore, we need to use the Internet Responsibly and Respectfully.

Most Cyber-Stalkers probably never think about the Internet Provider as well as any Rules and Regulations set forth by the company. Internet Providers have set rules to which customers are expected to adhere to at all times. There are also Compliance regulations that the provider must follow.

A Cyber-Stalker is committing a crime each time they go online and Victimize their intended target. If a person is caught stalking someone online or violating other Internet Laws, there can be ramifications from the Internet Provider. If someone is found abusing the Internet it can be reported to the Abuse department of the service provider. Most Internet companies have a special department that handles and investigates complaints. I know when a Cyber-Stalking issue ends up in the hands of an attorney, it is reported via Abuse Report to the Internet Provider. The attorney usually has his or her Paralegal or Trainee send in the necessary paperwork. Once the Internet Provider receives the report they usually research the complaint and then file a copy in the Customer file.

If an Abuse Report is a first, normally depending on the circumstance the report is read and filed. Usually, a first-time complaint is not serious and no adverse action is taken. However, if two complaints are received within 6 months the company will begin to monitor the customer account more closely. Also, the company may mail a Certified letter warning the customer that they have 2 strikes against them. If the customer wishes to discuss the matter the company will probably send them a security code in order to identify themselves before any specifics about their case can be discussed.

Many Internet companies may have a "Policy" that states the customer can lose their service altogether if three consecutive complaints/abuse reports are received. If a Crime is committed {ex: Cyber-Stalking} and their Internet Services were used then a customer can lose service "Indefinitely".

If three Abuse Complaints are filed within 12 months a strong possibility the customer could lose Service. However, if a customer was involved in an unusually severe Violation even if it was the first time an Abuse Report was filed, their Service could be "Discontinued".

A Person needs to be made aware that abuse of the Internet could lead to loss of service. In general, after 3 abuse reports are filed service can be "Disabled". Keep in mind there are exceptions to every rule. Most important, use Responsible behavior while online. If you lose service due to "abuse" of the Internet, it may be difficult to acquire service from any provider if they are aware of previous Internet abuse/misuse.

Think before you act. One foolish mistake on-line can change one's life forever. If you can not act responsibly online then it's best to stay "offline". Remember, an IP Address can be like a "Fingerprint". IP can disclose Important Identifying Information. This information is Powerful in Cyber-Stalking cases. IP Information is hardly ever challenged successfully. IP Information can reveal- Internet Service Provider, Recipient/ customer name, Billing address, Zip code, Type of service (ex: Internet, phone, Television), Weather the customer is operating on a Proxy type server, and how much Internet usage the location uses monthly. Finally, Whether the location is a Residential or Commerical Business address and if the customer uses Security controls or encrypted service. This is the reason why there is a high rate of Successful Prosecutions in Cyber Stalking/Cyber-Crime cases.

4/7/2021 -

Helpful and Informational. I agree that the public is probably unaware of a lot of issues discussed here. "Think Before you Act" is probably something many people don't do. If they did they could avoid a great deal of trouble.

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