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Lanita Meyer was Unnecessarily Rude on Facebook

Lanita Meyer was Unnecessarily Rude on Facebook
Lanita Meyer was Unnecessarily Rude on Facebook
Report #: 5468 - 0 Comments
Date Reported: Friday, May 1, 2020
Status: Past Incident
Severity: Low - Private Harassment
Primary Weapon: Online Chat
Specific Location: Churchill Neighborhood
City/Local Area: Eugene
State/Territory: Oregon
Region: United States

I just had a rather rude experience on Facebook with one Lanita Meyer. Ms. Meyer had contacted a Facebook page of mine about the Federal Correctional Institution in Sheridan, Oregon. She was complaining about not being able to send mail to an inmate and obviously thought at the time that the page was run by the prison despite all the links to my website.

Her original message was:

"I sent some mail to a inmate however I wasn't Aware it had to go to the P.O. Box address will The inmate still receive my letter or should I resend...So it is very rude for your staff to hang up on someone when requesting a supervisor." - Lanita Meyer

Over a month later I noticed the message and thought it would be nice of me if I at least took the time to respond even thought my response was quite late. I was hoping that Ms. Meyer would be interested in using my services to speak out about her experience being treated rudely by the staff at FCI Sheridan. My response was as follows:

"Our staff insists of one ex-con that runs a website called and this affiliated Facebook page. That ex-con only lists a Google Voice number to be contacted at, so I can only assume you wrote that thinking this might actually be run by the staff at the prison, but you didn't keep sending messages so I can only guess that after clicking on a bunch of links to Cop Blaster you realized that this could not possibly be run by a staff member. Just resend that letter to the prison's P.O. Box and he should get it. Remember to spray some spice on it first. That should make the lockdown more tolerable" -

She responded right away saying, "You a fucking idiot you must have a boring life trolling a prison page." I immediately tried to respond with an invitation to direct some of that energy towards the staff member that was rude to her, but when I hit send I got a mysterious error message. When I refreshed the page I found out that she had blocked me.

I thought it was quite rude for someone that has had problems with the staff at FCI Sheridan to be so insulting towards someone that built a Facebook page to speak out against the same people. I wish that she would reconsider her attitude. In fact, if she ever reads this and wants it removed I am happy to take it down if she writes a good article on about her experience dealing with the staff at FCI Sheridan. Just write the article, send me the link, and I'll call it good.

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