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LESA CONWAY - HollysGmom

LESA CONWAY - HollysGmom
LESA CONWAY - HollysGmom
Report #: 318 - 7 Comments
Date Reported: Thursday, February 9, 2012
Status: Active and Ongoing
Severity: High - Cyberstalking
Primary Weapon: Cross Site Stalking
Specific Location: Crestview, Florida
City/Local Area: Tampa Bay Area
State/Territory: Florida
Region: United States

Meet Lesa.. HollysGmom aka @NotJVM_HGM on Twitter..She claims to be a victim of chronic, childhood abuses. Frankly she's using this as an excuse to be a beyotch and prey upon others.

You would think this would make her a little more compassionate to people, right? You would be wrong. This sick trick spends her days stalking people online and collecting their information. She then turns around and rails against them using their weaknesses against them and abusing them in anyway she sees fit.

She's also really fond of collecting pictures of other people's children and keeping them in her tinypic photobucket account. That is sick and creepy to me.. recently found my own daughter's pictures in her account when she was tweeting them all over the place. Thankfully TP was kind enough to take them down when I explained the situation to them. Apparently she felt justified violating my daughter like this because my husband (though she still says it was me) mistakenly tweeted our daughters age when he hit the wrong number key. She justifies violating a young girl this way. Wonder how else she fantasizes about violating young girls? Could this be why she is no longer allowed to see her own grand daughter?

Stalker! She is also reported to be a hacker as many people have reported and on more than one occasion she has been involuntarily committed under Florida's Baker Act.

This lady is dangerous.. and seems to have a thing for other people's lives and children.

Creepy Creepy lady who claims to be an advocate when all she really is is a bully with a thing for kids.

**Note Tampa Bay Area is just a location placed in as one had to be put in spot. Doesn't really matter where she sleeps, greasy granny lives online stalking other people's children.

2/15/2012 -


Taken from her Twitter account @HollysGMom:


@HollysHere At least I don't make sick photoshopped pics of PEOPLE'S KIDS. Maybe I should K***** look nice with Casey bullethole?

12h Hollys Gmom Hollys Gmom @HollysGmom


@HollysHere HadEnough? Oh no baby, not even close. You're gonna get soooo much more before this is all over

5:32 AM - 14 Feb 12 via web ยท Details

2/21/2012 -

Agree she has me and my husband picture up, she is my husband daughter grandmal she really needs help, it's so creepy, something needs to be done bout her bullying people, it needs to a END,

3/2/2012 -

I absolutely agree with you about this dangerous stalker Lesa Conway!! She is a menace to society. Lesa has already been held (via police intervention) on a "Baker Act" at least one time (INVOLUNTARY PSYCHIATRIC HOLD). She is extremely UNSTABLE. Her own family is FED UP with her negative, destructive behavior. She is currently being kept away from her own granddaughter (family court involvement) because of her tremendous mental instability AND threatening, bullying behavior. Lesa Conway is VERY close to getting herself arrested.....but she's just too sick and arrogant to quit bullying.

3/5/2012 -

Be careful. These people like Lesa are becoming even more crazy on social media. Make sure your keeping everything documented. I wish people would leave kids out of everything. Why do you suppose they do that. Sick, twisted minds??/

5/22/2012 -

Wanna see Lesa's pathetic DUMP of a house?? LMAO!!

Google her trashy hovel:

804 Amos St.

Crestview, FL. 32539

Well well Lesa.....those graveyard shifts at a filthy old motel you "work" at doesn't pay too much, huh?!

5/22/2012 -

She is a foul-mouthed, unstable, cruel, psychopathic slore who considers herself "friends" with her hero scumbag, Jose Baez. Hmmm...yeah right Lesa....just 'cuz you post on his public FB! LMAO!

She's part of the Baez Arse-Licker gang at thejbmission. Talk about your sick and cruel people over there!

Lots of disturbing rumours about the blog's owner, "jb". If anyone knows the identity of "jb" please post it.

"jb" is a truly mean, vile creature. Lesa uses "HollysGmom" over there. What an ironic screen name for her, as HGM's own daughter gave up on poor little Holly. SAD!!

5/27/2012 -

WARNING: Watch out for ANYONE associated with a Wordpress blog: "The JB Mission"!

They are part of the "dark underbelly" of the Baez/Casey propaganda machine......aggressively pushing their "innocent casey" bullcrap agenda on others....often behind the scenes and through the use of some VERY immoral and bordering-on-illegal methods. Creeps like blog owner "JB" and her buddy HGM (Lesa) have a long and detailed history of libeling/smearing/defaming numerous individuals (including Public Officials) who have fought for some measure of Justice for Caylee.


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