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Margaret Mayer McKnight posts anti-Semitic rants and insults

Margaret Mayer McKnight posts anti-Semitic rants and insults
Margaret Mayer McKnight posts anti-Semitic rants and insults
Report #: 380 - 8 Comments
Date Reported: Saturday, April 28, 2012
Status: Active and Ongoing
Severity: Moderate - Public Bullying
Primary Weapon: Comment Boards
Specific Location: University of Windsor, Windsor, Ontario
City/Local Area: Windsor
State/Territory: Ontario
Region: Canada

Margaret Mayer McKnight has been trolling and bullying several members of care2 with whom she disagrees. MMM is very anti-Israel, as you can see with any google search of her name. She has 2 personal profiles on care2 in which she uses her own picture, one under the name "Margaret Mayer" and the other under the name of "Marg M." She was suspended from care2 for her offensive and often subtle, sometimes not - anti-Semitic rants, personal attacks towards other members, creating fake profiles, using someone else's picture, under the care2 profiles "Alisa Loring" and "Alisa L.".

When she disagrees with someone, she often resorts to name-calling. If that doesn't phase her 'enemy', she will scour the internet to find what she can to throw up on the comment board if she thinks it may 'embarrass' her enemies. She voraciously attacks people however she can. with whatever she can scrape from the bottom of the barrel. She is a well-known troublemaker on the boards of care2, and if she can't learn to respect those who disagree with her, she doesn't need to post.

We do not approve of her rants of bigotry but most of us tolerate her. She cannot tolerate anyone but those who agree with her. She certainly thinks of herself as mentally omnipotent. She claims not to be anti-Semitic but has no problem criticizing Judaism and Christianity, as she does so often, but she will scream "Bigotry!" at the slightest criticism of Islam, at an attempt to embarrass the poster. And if that doesn't work, she attacks voraciously, along with several 'friends'.

Here below are some quotes from her that show her bullying strategies, attacks, hypocrisy, libel, racism, bigotry, and overall abrasiveness:

"And these idiotic statements are all made by die hard Christians"

"You don't see anyone who criticizes Israel put down their religion"

"You Carol D. are nothing short of being a racist."

"Most of you would have been good Germans during WWII"

"If you are suffering from acute memory loss, you should get it checked out. One of the clear signs of dementia is memory loss. It certainly would explain quite a great deal of your posts."

"I have never villified the Jewish religion either, but have certainly criticized specifically you, although a religous convert. really are not representative of what the Jewish people are"

"You should be ashamed of yourself for a) being a gullible fool and b) are a racist"

"I would imagine that becoming a "preschool teacher" would involve some schooling. Most people though do call it daycare... God help the educational system in Silver Spring. This might attribute for the extremely poor PISA scores of the US." (personal attack on one's employment)

"In fact, from 1980 - 2005, more Jewish extremists planned or participated in terrorism on American soil than Islamic extremists"

"I think your emigration from the US was really no great loss to the United States."

"28???? Really, come on. That is shaving more than just a few years off. " (personal attack on one's age/appearance)

"It's sounds a lot like Pinky and the Brain" (personal attack)

"From your reporting of this exchange, he stated his opinion that he didn't believe that it qualified as a hate group or racist. So the mere fact that he didn't feel that it qualified as a hate or racist group, makes him a racist? I post a whole bunch of quotes by Israeli leaders themselves all the time and what I get for it is called a racist, based on the words of leaders" (referring to Nation of Islam, a hate-group according to the Southern Poverty Law Center)

"people who are of the Muslim faith on Care2 do not post any hateful rhetoric, are no supporters of clear racists"

"So blind defense of Islam is wrong, but "blind defense of Zionism" (which is very prevalent in these posters I am speaking about) is okay?"

"If I am so wrong, then correct me with some evidence of the error of my ways rather than personally comment on what I do with my time. Do I ask you if you sit in front of a computer all day with a bag of chips?"

"As to your Israel not being perfect. This is absolutely as far as you will go. You never specifically disagree with anything they do. The only disagreement you have is you stating that "Israel is not perfect"

"The Israeli government has supported the Haredim's extremism for decades. Israel had no problem prompting them along, until they had the nerve to actually turn on their master"

"I just want to mention too that while stoning was a punishment for a variety of sins in the Torah, but it is not found in the Quran"

"It is also disgraceful, ignorant and obtuse, to argue with personalized attacks and never, once, refute what actually is posted by others. Why don't you save a lot of time and go log into a private chat room where you and your friends can live in a cyber world where your ignorant rantings are given an audience who will wait with bated breath for your next idiotic commentary."

"To claim Israel has made concessions is a myth."

"Maybe there is a little bit of Ariel Sharon in you. He, too, had no problem using his fellow Jews in order to promote his Zionist agenda. Does this one hit home?"

"The Palestinian people have lived in Palestine for centuries. In fact, they have lived their much longer than the Jewish people did when the inhabited the land"

"You seem to have a little bit of German in you"

"did you notice the homage paid to Wikislam by ******?. If anyone referred to a site called wikiJew, they would be automatically castigated and given 40 lashes with a wet noodle"

"we already went to the paedophilia thing. Other religions and cultures and countries, including the UK, US and most of Europe also married children of comparable age as what you are claiming. In the Islamic tradition following Muhammad, betrothal could take place earlier than PUBERTY, perhaps as early as seven, but the marriage was not supposed to be consummated until the girl menstruated and was of age." (pardoning pedophilia, referring to Muhammad's 6-year-old bride)

"People like you are what is going to be Israel's downfall."

"You are nothing but a bitter, crazed, insane and yes ignorant woman."

"Is anyone really surprised. Just another day and another criminal act by the Israeli government"

"Let's just see how much more Israel can get isolated. When there is a one state solution due to Israel's shenanigans, you have no one to blame except yourself"

"Not only is Israel being isolated from the international community, they now are pissing off their own citizens with draconian laws, like anti-boycott, anti journalistic freedom, free speech, stacking the new rabbinate court, etc."

"when the Palestinians do it (drones, fly overs, incursions) it is called terrorism. When Israel does it, it is called self defense. Considering the Palestinians are being killed off in relation to Israelis at the ratio of about 6:1, who really is the terrorist state?"

"It is always the converts that are the most extreme"

"You are nothing but an addled brained woman who really is pathetically obtuse"

"Sorry, I forgot to mention the other foreign power we are under, Israel."

This is just a very very small bit of some of her insults, bigotry, and hypocrisy. There is many, many more which may be added later in the comments below. It is impossible to go through all her comments in one day, scouring care2 to find them. But anyone of sound mind who reads through her comments will be able to see right into her unmitigated hatred of Israel with her shrill posts.

Also, this woman claims to be of Jewish ethnicity (not religion), and that it is somehow impossible for her to be anti-Semitic since she is allegedly ethnically Jewish. She never fails to condemn a convert to Judaism as being "less Jewish".

We, as members of care2, deserve just as much respect as anyone else. MMM only respects who agrees with her, and we don't have to take it. Either clean up your attitude, stop your personal attacks or get banned again.

4/29/2012 -

"you have the nerve to question people's knowledge on the conflict, but you seem to have no opinion yourself and are only secure enough to speak out when you have others there to back you up. Pathetic little ninny, you are. You have no independent thought process whatsoever. I am reporting your comment to Care 2. I hope that they bounce your Tasmanian ass out of here."

"you are an embarrassment to my people."

"Not only are you an embarrassment to me as a Jew, you are actually an embarrassment to the human race"

- Margaret Mayer McKnight

4/29/2012 -

"the United States has a terrorism problem in good part because it is so closely allied with Israel, not the other way around. U.S. support for Israel is not the only source of anti- American terrorism, but it is an important one, and it makes winning the war on terror more difficult."

"I think it is disgraceful to make excuses for a nation which had no problem in practicing war crimes." (referring to Israel)

- Margaret Mayer McKnight

4/29/2012 -

"There won't be a Jewish state much longer and this will not be at the hands of these enemies of Israel you claim wish to destroy the Israeli state, this will resultant of Israel's policies in regard to the occupation."

"remember you are not a regular Jew, you are a converted Jew, two distinctly different things my dear."

"You also have no idea what antisemitism is, and as a convert you have never been subject to it. How dare you define something that doesn't apply to you. Antisemitism is rooted in the hatred of a people not of a religion which you chose to convert to."

- Margaret M. McKnight

4/29/2012 -

"Other than your posts on Care 2 and your claim that you help Muslim women (you probably are trying to convert them)what do you do for the LGBT community?"

"I think if anyone needs the help of a qualified psychiatrist, it would be you"

"You are nothing but a shallow convert who certainly does not define what Judaism is"

"People like you are what is going to be Israel's downfall, not anyone else." - Margaret Mayer McKnight

4/29/2012 -

"We have the Orthodox Child Pornography scandal where 83 Orthodox Jews were all charged, including charges of sexual assault on male children. Is this indicative of Judaism?"

"you wouldn't know what is a holy book if it hit you in your big fat head"

"You definitely need psychiatric help"

"***** may well be a convert, but her reaction and treatment of others are definitely not Jewish."

"To get blamed, you have to actually possess fundamental thinking skills. You certainly don't have to worry, no one is going to accuse you of that. " - Margaret Mayer McKnight

4/29/2012 -

"I think there are faulty connections, kind of like bad electrical wiring going up in the pretty little head of yours. You really make no sense with these fantastical leaps in reasoning. You better get that looked at, this might signify a serious health issue."

"Aren't you embarrassed by this piss poor effort at trying to defend beloved Israel. With a friend like you, they certainly don't need anymore enemies."

"Facts and the name ***** (of a Care2 member) don't belong in the same sentence." - Margaret Mayer McKnight

4/29/2012 -

"Your lack of factual knowledge and the obvious intent of you to avoid facts and truth only embarrasses Israel and Jewish people to boot"

"You have no knowledge of antisemitism. In addition converts, especially those of the Jesus for Jews movement (which I think you probably belong to) aren't objects to antisemitisim. The whole point of antisemitism is to marginalize a people (a people being those who are born to) not those who want to join the party for God knows what reason, but I do suspect it has something to do with being the perpetual victim)" - Margaret Mayer McKnight

4/29/2012 -

"I usually don't say things about poor breeding, but in the case I am at a loss to understand your behaviour."

"I am certain she would not be helpful to a Muslim woman who may be mistreated (which she claims she does) unless she promised to convert"

"You demonstrate such a high intolerance for anyone who thinks differently than you (which usually includes anyone with an IQ over 10)"

- Margaret Mayer McKnight

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