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Online Abuse and use datas about me, targeting on Internet

Report #: 4435 - 0 Comments
Date Reported: Tuesday, October 15, 2019
Status: Active and Ongoing
Severity: High - Cyberstalking
Primary Weapon: Other
Specific Location: Liborova
City/Local Area: Prague
State/Territory: Czech Republic
Region: Europe


have had problem online for some time, just since last year from September got even more. Did leave because of that my email which was on gmail and went to another provider which was trying to help me to with it.

Somebody was doing about me online that I supossed to have sex with some men and was not true, taking out informations about me, doing different links on my name and surname and target me in a lot of advertisement.

This year I had on youtube receiveing all the time videos where was recorded some killers and how it is before they kill the woman and thier last selfie, and how is last photos before the woman is killed . I was trying this all say to provider also and was trying to help also.

Had to call many companies to get of informations about me on the internet, with Google even I did report and wrote I have problem online and to please get off some informations which are already old and no more true and also for my safety, got told have to be there for my professional life. When I do try come on internet and start to use something, later on I get problems with connections and can not get online. My provider of internet was trying to help me too. Mainly I am tageted in something what is not belong to me at all or my private informations taking outside. Also I usde to had somebody recording all what I talk with people and simmilar was after appearing on internet or getting somewhere else. Some friends sometimes even was asking me if is really me, so I was forced to leave and finish my Facebook account and since january actually all social platforms. I did try use Signal for communications with friend but was happening to me also problems like to record or loading informations somewhere else.

It is going for some years used to were taken my facebook account many times, last year in September evn FB wrote me someone took my tokens and they logged me off and do al for safety, which acutally brought me more hard time and on January had to finish account as had lots of problems as was mainly somebody a lot playing with me and all informations. Since I contact some company, was helping me, but the issue is still going, in less way but all the time happenning and seems like it is always the same person who knows a lot about internet. I have been scared this year a lot after all, did contact also crise line in my country where I got also support and told not to be silence about it. I would like sometimes to post some of my photos which I create and also something else what I create and it is just art doing, I do nothing in politics and I wish also be not include and my way was just post sometimes something from nature and forget about what has been already done to me online but somehow somebody, probably is same person is watching over me all the time. I had some conclusiton who might be but got always told it is not. I did try still this way as I am tired from it, ruinned my life already a lot, hard to trust people sometimes, been scared to write and use phone, but I do not want be silence and wish to be stop and be able use normaly internet and talk with my friends.I did put some link for web, where I couldnt remove at all ang got told from Google it is important for my professional life, but I do not do this work anymore and only for to stop putting me and adding me, targeting me over internet, I was asking to remove it. I had also something going on my old phone, and print screen was sending provder of new mail. On crise line got told since now make print screens and after announce to police as I didnt know I can do that to announce to police. So if will be happening again, mainly is every month or especially when I want come online or use some social network, I will make print screens. Also was happening to me if I send to a friend message or send email, simmilar was after on youtube, when I did send some video, same video was after on youtube and was there live streaming, that has been happening and appearing few times, but I dont know what it is as I do not use at all. As was happenig in czech and english I did look also for cyberbullying abroad as I had friends abroad.

Thank you very much if I can maybe find some help or if somebody will at least try it is much less than used to were last year on September and this year on February. I hope this will be hidden as I do not want to face more problems online. Thank you.

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