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Re FacebookCyber Stalking Case Darren Ambler

Report #: 6495 - 4 Comments
Date Reported: Tuesday, December 8, 2020
Status: Past Incident
Severity: High - Cyberstalking
Primary Weapon: Investigative Services
Specific Location: Freehold
City/Local Area: Central NJ
State/Territory: New Jersey
Region: United States


I have never spoken publicly on this issue at all. I have moved on and do not care to look back. I am the person that Darren Ambler Harassed on Facebook back in 2016. I think I handled this issue with a lot of class and professionalism from day one.

Actually, when this case reached a conclusion my Attorney asked me if I wanted this published and if so to let his Paralegal know. I agreed and that was that.. This is the first time in 4 years that I actually viewed my case on line. I am glad this was published. I hope it helps others and I hope Cyber Stalkers think twice before they stalk someone.

Recently, I spoke to my Attorney who is also a close friend. He reminded me that I can view my case on this site if desired. I hope this case has helped others that had a similar experience.

Case: I was once close friends with Darren Ambler. In the beginning I did trust Darren. Although, Darren and I were totally opposite.. Our personalities are opposite, our backgrounds were different, and his standards are so different from mine. For whatever reason a friendship developed. I did care about him at one time but that was a long time ago. After all the pain he caused me I ended up regretting the fact that I ever met him at all.

I know now that Darren had a lot of skeletons in his closet. Which after a while I knew he lied about so much. But I played along. He led me to believe that he was a recovering drug addict and alcoholic. Now I know differently. Darren had friends that I was never allowed to meet. He had many secrets. Darren led a "Double Life". I found out this guy was doing sick things that I did not want to believe but they were true. I ended up hurt because he was a good friend at one time.

Once I confronted Darren about his behavior and lies he denied everything and became angry. I was told by others to end the friendship long before this happened but I did not listen. Darren did rotten things to me. He back-stabbed , Threatened me and slandered me. I realized then this guy is dangerous and could not be trusted. I Finally ended the friendship. Darren's biggest fear at this point was me telling others what I recently found out about his "Double" or Secret life. Looking back, I guess he had a great deal to lose if friends and family found out.

He started stalking me and harassing me on Facebook. Mr. Darren also made up horrible lies about me to others. He tried to Gaslight me and make others think l was not credible. Darren also monitored my Facebook page, FB Postings and my friend list. Talk about Paranoia and odd behaviors.

Darren was not discreet about his actions. He left a paper trail of evidence behind that ended up on my attorneys desk. Court Subpoena was obtained which revealed "Strong evidence" My attorney said that if you are going to break the law and stalk someone at least try to cover your tracks. Darren obviously did not think along those lines due to all the direct and incriminating evidence he left behind.

Darren then began sending "False and Defamatory' messages about me to Facebook friends and he told them to "Unfriend" me. Again, Darren did not use good discretion about covering his tracks during the time he harassed me on Facebook. If you are stalking someone on Facebook do not use Facebook Messenger to spy and transmit defamatory messages about another person. (Very dumb).

I finally consulted with my friend and attorney. A Facebook Investigation ensued. I did intend early on to pursue court action against Mr. Ambler. After my attorney got all evidence together he said that we had an excellent and absolutely winnable Case. To this day my attorney still says there is no way Mr. Ambler could have explained the evidence in court. He could have gotten in so much legal trouble if I chose to pursue this case. He had NO Defense against the evidence.

Nothing Mr. Ambler may have said in court could have gotten him off the hook. He could have gone to jail, received up to a 25,000 fine from the court and he may have lost his Pharmacy license for a felony conviction. Cyber stalking is serious Crime. So much proof exists. How can you dispute IP address location and documents from his Facebook account. No Jury would have believed a word Darren Ambler said. My Attorney would have humiliated him in Court.

This Case suddenly took an odd turn. Darren Ambler had the Nerve to file a complaint against myself claiming Harassment. My attorney said that is the stupidest thing Darren could have done. My Attorney was outraged about this: Not only did Darren Ambler face Cyber Stalking Charges and a Felony conviction; my Attorney had every intention of also presenting "Proof" concerning his extracurricular Liaisons with what most would call "Less than Respectable" females. Mr Ambler would have been ruined. He would have had to serve Jail time for Cyber Stalking. Also, Highly Probable Mr. Ambler would have lost his kids. The Judge would have deemed Mr. Ambler an "Unfit" parent as well as being an bad influence on his children due to his "Loose or Questionable Morals". Had the case gone forward this all would have been presented. There were no lies Mr Ambler could have told a Judge that would have been believed. I don't know how Mr Ambler can live with himself but maybe he has no Conscience.

By going after me Mr Ambler was forcing my attorney into exposing Mr. Ambler and his questionable life style in front of a Judge. Bad Move. Again, Lucky for Darren that the case did not go to court. . My attorney had quite a bit of evidence neatly arranged and fully prepared to present the evidence to a Judge and Jury if the case would have been pursued. Also, my attorney had file folders full of humiliating photos of Darren that could have hurt his credibility beyond repair. The photos alone would have Prejudice a jury against him even more.

My attorney and I met one day shortly before the Court hearing. He said to me that the main objective is to make Darren Ambler stop harassing me and to keep him off Facebook Indefinitely. Facebook Banned Darren for Life. My Attorney said he felt Darren is so screwed up in the head and such a TOXIC person that he is not worth the aggravation that he caused in my life. Basically, the attorney suggested we settle the Case and get Mr Ambler out of my life forever. I did agree to what my Attorney suggested. My Attorney also called Darren a few "choice words" I can't repeat on this Forum.

No way was this guy going to make a fool of me in court or any place else . I feel Darren is sick and messed up in the head. I don't blame his former spouse for leaving him. I will never understand how Mr. Ambler can think his behavior is acceptable? No normal person can.

To litigate the Facebook case would have been a definite win. However, my attorney said the case may take 6 months and could be costly. Although my attorney assured me the outcome could destroy Darren Ambler Financially and Darren could lose his Career altogether and his kids. I still agreed not to pursue this case. My attorney said Mr Ambler is such a sick pitiful creature. He is not worth the aggravation. I just wanted Mr Ambler out of my life and off Facebook.

Another reason I agreed to drop the case. We had a family trip to Rome quickly approaching. I Wanted nothing interfering With this Trip.

I have to say this was a hard time for me. Thank God I had supportive friends, family, a superb wife , kids and an excellent attorney . I got through this bad time and life now is good.

My feeling about cyber stalkers is that if they do not like being exposed then they should have controlled their abnormal behavior. That Consequences do result from bad and illegal actions. Some say stalkers are mentally ill.


12/10/2020 -

I give you credit for going ahead and hiring an attorney. This dude is lucky you dropped the case. If you did prevail in the case against him, no doubt he would be a convicted felon today. Cyber crimes even first offenses carry Jail time and possible probation. But a Felony could ruin his life I wonder if this dude is sorry or has any regrets. I agree he had a lot of "Balls" filing anything against you. One day he could end up in jail for cyber crime or something else. Thank goodness you had a strong support system to help you through.

12/10/2020 -

I read other unflattering articles about this dude on line. It seems he is a real slime that likes one night stands and unprotected sex. He should get together with that NJ Cop that propositioned that teenager. That is his kind of person. Slime goes after slime.

12/17/2020 -

You should have pursued the case. I have no tolerance for people like this any more. If he did lose his pharmacy license then too bad. Serves him right. You were too easy on him. Some day after he gets tired of screwing these Floozies he wont have any friends left. His life style can and will hurt his kids some day. what will he say then?? People like this care bout one person "Themselves"! Thank the Lord this loser is out of your life. Selfish people like this guy should never have kids.

12/17/2020 -

Horrible situation. Total low life is the best way to describe this Cyber bully/ Stalker. I hope the experience has not caused you any long term stress or fear of the Internet. Remember you are the Victim. If it ever happens again (God forbid) you need to have your day in court and out this beast in Jail for a long time. I read on Cyber News that a 37 year old ex marine got 3 years in prison and a $75,000 fine. It seems punishment for Cyber crimes are becoming much tougher. I hope it acts as an deterrent.. . Happy Holidays!!

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