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Repeated Victimization of Kids Photoed with Darren Ambler

Repeated Victimization of Kids Photoed with Darren Ambler
Repeated Victimization of Kids Photoed with Darren Ambler
Report #: 4445 - 4 Comments
Date Reported: Wednesday, December 11, 2019
Status: Active and Ongoing
Severity: Elevated - Smear Campaign
Primary Weapon: Articles
Specific Location: Some Troll's Computer
City/Local Area: San Francisco Bay Area
State/Territory: California
Region: United States

Darren Ambler of Cherry Hill, New Jersey is not the only one experiencing an online reputation crisis right now due to a conflict between Mr. Ambler and some unknown individual. That is because the campaign against Mr. Ambler is being conducted by someone that either wants to hurt the kids photographed with him as a way to cause him distress or just does not care about the kids in the picture. Either case is reprehensible and I for one am sick of it.

If I am sick of it then why don't I just delete the post containing the picture with the kids? I have done that already. The person responsible for the original post has returned to re-post the same allegations and photo along with evidence that my site is not the only site they have done this on. If you do a Google search for Darren Ambler or Darren Scott Ambler you can find the same image with the kids on other websites. Mostly cheater websites where people are posted for cheating on an intimate partner.

We don't know much about the author of these reports. We do know that the person uses multiple IP addresses and email accounts. This is problematic because not only is it harder to figure out who this person is, but we can't determine if they are behind the first posting of Mr. Ambler on the website. As a result this posting with kids is only good enough to get the posting with the kids removed because I can't create a scenario where people can get an original post removed by creating a duplicate that violates the website Terms of Use. In the past there have been incidents where the subject of a report has created a second report about themselves and then asked me to delete both citing a policy against double posting.

The most recent offense was committed using the IP address ***.***.***.8** and email address *********(at)******.net under the username exterminator4210. That IP address resolves to the ***********. The offense before that was committed using the IP address ***.*.**.** and email address ******(at)****.com under the username angel2222. That IP address resolves to the ISP ***************. and is also located in *** ****, **********.

I wish Mr. Ambler and anyone that cares about those kids the best of luck in putting a stop to these postings. In my experience cases like this need to be stopped at the root because if I just get rid of the post, roots like this one regrow quite quickly. I am not going to let this person control my life by making me have to keep deleting their stuff from my site, so I will let their work stay unless I believe that the root has been dealt with.

This case reminds me of when a woman confronted me on the Anderson show because a picture of her and her kid were on the site. I eventually agreed to remove it but it still made me look bad. I then enacted a policy to deal with pictures containing third parties that look like kids because like the evidence I am uploading with this report shows, one can easily black out the images of the kids in a picture like this one. Anyone with any shred of decency would take the time to remove the kids from the photo because anyone with any sense of honor takes up problems with a man with the man himself and not innocent children.

In the aforementioned case involving the Anderson Show, removing the picture did little to help the child because a couple months later someone posted both of that lady's kids on the site. I remember corresponding with her and saying how much I hated to say I told her so but people like that tend to be so relentless that only putting a stop to them can stop the postings and cleaning up the postings before they are stopped just creates more victims in the meantime. For those reasons I am done with this issue until I think removing this post won't just provoke a new one.

12/18/2019 -

Someone contacted me asking that I remove the email and IP addresses from this report. I responded with an offer to do just that if the report containing the image with the kids that I am griping about is removed or if the image is replaced with one that has no kids in it.

12/29/2019 -

Alright, after getting a bunch of emails from someone claiming that the author of that report could not login and the fact that no other posts like that were added after I posted this, I deleted the report and banned the user. I also removed the IP addresses and email addresses used from this article and I am willing to keep it that way as long as nobody posts any more pictures of this guy with kids on the site. There is already a posting on the site about him anyway, so the kid thing was unnecessary.

Also, I did try to reply to emails I received, but those replies must not have arrived.

12/12/2021 -

Darren Ambler here. I know exactly who did this. Disgraced and failure Dominatrix and hooker "Mistress Lauren". Real name Lauren Giunta. Escort name "Symphony Ravenclaw the "The Gothic BBW Analingus Expert" I Did nothing wrong to this girl. All I did was stop having sex with her and I refused to session with her again. She's desperate,disgusting and highly psychotic. You can clearly see what she's been doing to me since 2015. 2015!! And to even bring my kids into it?! Just to cause me severe distress and endanger my innocent children.

This girl is a psychopath and should be locked up.

12/12/2021 -

Leave me and my kids alone Lauren Giunta! It's been EIGHT years. We had sex six times.. not even like we had a relationship....that's how this crazy psycho handles rejection.

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