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Safety Tips for Children On Line

Report #: 6491 - 1 Comment
Date Reported: Monday, December 7, 2020
Status: Active and Ongoing
Severity: Moderate - Public Bullying
Primary Weapon: Social Networks
Specific Location:
City/Local Area: San Francisco Bay Area
State/Territory: California
Region: United States

It is important to educate your children about on line Cyber Bullying and Harassment. I am a Legal instructor that is looking to improve Security and on line recognition of stalking behaviors. Important things to point out to Children on line:

1) Avoid any kind of Chat room or anonymous communications:

2). Never give out Personal Information about Yourself on line:

3). Limit to your time on line, approx 20 minutes per day:

4). If not sure/ let a parent look at any on Line activity for possible hidden stalkers:

Information for Parents:

1). Look at Cyber sites that list cyber stalking incidents/ or specific parties involved:

2). Place certain security controls on your Computer that isolate good material from bad material:

3). Check Cyber Crime for related Cyber updates and Information:

**Keep our children safe from bullying and stalking:

12/17/2020 -

I do have concern for innocent children on line. They can be stalked on line and not realize it. Parents must monitor their children at all times during Internet time. A lot of "NUTS" on line just hiding and terrorizing our young.

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