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Stalker alert : Deneal Williams

Report #: 277 - 2 Comments
Date Reported: Friday, November 11, 2011
Status: Active and Ongoing
Severity: High - Cyberstalking
Primary Weapon: Other
Specific Location: Cocoa
City/Local Area: Space Coast
State/Territory: Florida
Region: United States

Im 21 & signed up for Twitter like most people my age do. I figured i could meet girls on there but instead i found a stalker who is going off deep end. I tried to help her in her time of need but she went off on me saying I was a "(n-word) illiterate trash" and she dont need drama from my "inbred (hind end)". i was trying to help her. I gave her my # during my trying to help her to prove im a real person and not who she said i was. She is now texting me photos of her nude. She is a very large person and it has gotten out of control. I am happy i live in LA or it could be worse. she is messaging me all hours of the day and nite. I aint the 1 doing anything here. I try to help her and she is now calling me words that are racist and trash talking on her pages. I am finding out that i aint the 1st person she done this to so i doubt i be the last. Started with some chic named Caulette and her sister, and I am her latest person she is going off on but she is sending me nude photos too.

I am happy without seeing the photos and they are not wanted. I never asked for them and would never want them. i like curvy girls but she is very overwieght and she is really boardering sex offender stalker becuz i dont want the photos i never asked for them plus she is old enough to be my mama. this makes me happy my dad just moved back to LA or I might run into her when I go to that coast.

ive since blocked her on twitter and am bouta change my #.

11/13/2011 -

Nice try. None of this is real & if you read MY twitter page, U will C I blocked U first for playing the drama game by trying to pit my own REAL cyberbully and I against each other. Now I am convinced you ARE her. Obviously she is in need of some attention, because I've not given her enough of it, so making up crap like this to keep stuff going is the way to continue the drama. I dont care who you are, if YOU or anyone else KNOWS me ANYONE can vouch I cannot stand racism nor the "N' word, U shoulda done ur home work first- whoever you REALLY are. Thanks, nice try tho. NOT LOL

11/15/2011 -

Look, I don't even like Deneale (BTW that is how you spell their NAME) and I know that they don't use the N word. I know that Deneale doesn't do racism at all. She may be guilty of a lot of other things, but racism is not one of them.

I have a feeling this is who ever "JT" is that friended me on Twitter and I blocked because of their drama.

I will say I am in a civil suit & involved in a criminal investigation against Deneale and I am standing my ground saying DENEALE DOESN"T DO RACISM. And by you making fun of their weight, you are a BULLY!

Real intelligent!

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