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Threatening Emails from Robert Bird in Chicago

Threatening Emails from Robert Bird in Chicago
Threatening Emails from Robert Bird in Chicago
Report #: 138 - 0 Comments
Date Reported: Monday, June 13, 2011
Status: Past Incident
Severity: Low - Private Harassment
Primary Weapon: Email
Specific Location: Someplace in Chicage
City/Local Area: Chicago
State/Territory: Illinois
Region: United States

Back in 2008 STD Carriers Disease Control and Prevention Services received a series of threatening and vulgar emails from a Robert Bird in Chicago, Illinois. The emails were originally published on threats page before that section of the site was disbanded. The emails are as follows:

Message 1:

You need to remove me off your site.

Attached are my doctor labs that you request. I will be able to tell if you received this e-mail. If you do not remove me you will be sued. I am wealthy and would love to sue the pants off of the person whom runs this site. The person who posted this ridiculas, false information doesn't even know how to spell. I am attaching my labs and a letter from my attorney. The posting is for # 187.

Robert Bird

Message 2:

IP addresses don't mean anything. Anyone can use a computer from a library, school, church.... wherever. So to track anyone is impossible. You have received documentation. Have you gone to medical school? So how will you prove in court you are educated and a professional in reading lab results? Do you think a jury would consider you qualified to make a decision on what constitute proper medical report readings? Due to privacy... phone numbers were not submitted. Speaking of which what is yours? If you feel phone numbers are necessary, share your number! I have spoken more with my attorney and we conference called a few others lawyers as well. This is slander and there are many laws against it. You will be taken to court if you do not remove this posting. #187 Save yourself the trouble. We will locate you and take you to court. Jail time is also possible for slander. Karma is a bitch... You might actually become someone's while in prison. I hope you can take it as good as you dish it : ) All kidding aside... take it down or you will be hearing from my Lawyers. Yes that is now plural. I have a team getting things ready. Even if you take it down we will most likely go through with a lawsuit. We are looking into how much your net worth is.

Message 3

I'm not even gay... My lawyer told me I shouldn't contact you. But I told him I always think the best in people. I have done the right respectable thing. I think this girl must have listed me. I screwed her friend after we smoked up and we went to a hotel... etc... Regardless I am pissed and I want to be removed. I am a Sigma Chi. Lot's of connections. I went to Eastern Illinois Univ and am a long distance friend of Tony Romo. Take me off or I will pursue legal action. Whatever it takes I am willing to do it... I feel for you! I have herpes on my mouth that I buy topical valtrex for...

Message 4

Dana is her name... I scanned the results into my computer. I have provided you documentation. You are not educated in the any area the constitutes you able to read medical reports. My lawyers are going to be contacting more media. They spoke with CNN today. We will be pursuing legal ramifications against you. Hopefully your no harm is done to you before we get you to court. I hear there are a lot of people out there who want you and your site finished.

Message 5

I just spoke to my attorney. I showed him all your e-mails and he is pissed/happy. Now you think this is a joke from a friend?? We have a lot more to work with now. So him and I disused giving you 1 last option. You want to keep the ad up? Fine but you MUST remove the picture and we will not pursue action. For slander, def of character etc... Just remove the pic. EASY!

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