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Threatening Emails from Sexual Assault Suspect Noel Bowland

Threatening Emails from Sexual Assault Suspect Noel Bowland
Threatening Emails from Sexual Assault Suspect Noel Bowland
Report #: 143 - 0 Comments
Date Reported: Wednesday, June 15, 2011
Status: Past Incident
Severity: Low - Private Harassment
Primary Weapon: Email
Specific Location: Kitchener
City/Local Area: Kitchener-Waterloo-Cambridge
State/Territory: Ontario
Region: Canada

After being arrested on sexual assault charges in May of 2010 and released with conditions Noel Bowland sent several threatening emails to STD Carriers Disease Control and Prevention Services in a failed effort to remove information posted online for the purpose of warning other possible victims. The transgressions took place over several emails in which Bowland transformed himself from a seemingly concerned complaint to a threatening menace.

In Bowland's first message below he claimed that his profile was inaccurate as if he were some innocent victim of a mistake:

"It has come to my attention that false information pertaining to myself has been publicly posted on your website (, and as such I am requesting that all record to my name be removed from your website immediately. Personally, I do not feel that such a posting method should even exist, as the information being submitted does not seem to be verified."

STD Carriers responded by asking him if he were arrested with Stephen Paul Boone and his response was as follows:

"Arrested separately, however I am the other person that was arrested on charges over an allegation alone, which in my case has absolutely no factual value."

STD Carriers responded by informing him that the report was accurate. Despite that assurance Bowland responded with comments like "I suggest that you do some more searching", "the fact of the matter remains I have not been convicted", and "I am hereby giving you a chance to correct this act of defamation, as I do not want to have to further get the lawyers involved."

STD Carriers informed Bowland that his report was based on published sources, that the sites disclaimer clearly states that cited sources are responsible for conclusions made by their content, and that the site in not liable for its conclusions when properly cited. Bowland had a hard time understanding this and responded with a long email demanding that "Either the website comes down, or I contact my lawyers and the authorities and press charges", falsely accusing the site of violating the Network Solutions Terms of Use which does not allow customers to "post illegal content", and criticizing the sites removal policy of violating an alien law called the "Federal Privacy Act" in a land called Canada before making one final threat,"This is the LAST time I am going to demand that I am removed from your website under the penalty of legal action." Then he ended his message with "REMOVE ALL REFERENCE TO ME FROM YOUR WEBSITE NOW!!!"

Bowland was finally informed that STD Carriers had better things to do than listen to his blackmail after which he bluffed "Authorities have been notified, and my lawyer has already started working the case. See you in court." After which STD Carriers waited a couple days to see if he would send any more emails, compiled his messages, and sent them to the Waterloo Regional Police. The police responded by thanking STD Carriers for the information and saying that it would be forwarded to the Major Case Unit.

Contact information used by Noel Bowland when communicating with STD Carriers is as follows:


Phone Number: 519-998-8944

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