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Whispers From Amy - "Amy Ivanovna" - Allow Me A Whisper

Whispers From Amy - "Amy Ivanovna" - Allow Me A Whisper
Whispers From Amy - "Amy Ivanovna" - Allow Me A Whisper
Report #: 204 - 4 Comments
Date Reported: Thursday, July 14, 2011
Status: Active and Ongoing
Severity: High - Cyberstalking
Primary Weapon: Cross Site Stalking
Specific Location: Australia
City/Local Area: Melbourne
State/Territory: Australia
Region: Aus/NZ/Micro

Final Legal Notice to Amy Ivanovna

Posted Publicly: July 28, 2011

It has come to my attention, from numerous sources, that there is a person who is weaving quite a story about the trouble between us. Whatever you may have heard, or has been sent to you privately or posted publicly, is false.

This person was uninvited. Yet, they showed up at my door. As a matter of fact, before they created a fake profile on Facebook ("Amy Ivanovna") and started following me around writing groups and other places on the internet, they were a complete stranger to me. Now, there is full documentation of this person stalking me - where they began, how they began. Only they can say why they began. It started in December 2010, with the last violation just two weeks ago.

This person was sent the first legal notice in February 2011, to leave me alone. It was made clear to them that they were not welcomed, and that they were never to communicate with me, in any form, ever again. They chose to disregard this request, and continued their behavior.

Many of you have come forward in just the last few days and revealed this person's spin on the truth. I thank you for your support and concern. My concern lies in knowing that others have fallen victim to this person's pathetic behavior.

To this person, I say direct to you, and you know who you are…

If you believe that because you reside outside of my jurisdiction, that you cannot be arrested and prosecuted for your actions, you are foolishly mistaken. There are State, Federal and International laws against stalking and cyber-stalking. Your actions may border on criminal intent, with a possible libel lawsuit attached now, if you do not stop immediately.

This is your last warning. If you need someone in authority to explain this to you, since you cannot seem to comprehend it on your own, this can arranged for you, quite easily at this point.

I have full documentation of each and every incident of your trespass. We both know that you possess nothing to back up your claims, except your public outcries of false victimhood, which are meaningless and based on your delusions of grandeur.

I am here to tell you - once and for all - Stop all inflammatory statements and defamation of me, or I will take the next step, which is to follow through and file legal action necessary to keep you from harming me further.

On a spiritual note, this is what has been observed about you:

You are out of your element. You do not possess the knowledge, consciousness, nor a level of self-awareness of your ego projection onto others to effectively continue to follow me after today, much less to then lie about it publicly. People are coming to me, without any prompt or word from me. Without any request from me at all, they are offering up the truth about what you are doing in the shadows. To them, as well. Shame on you.

You have overstepped many boundaries.

You were uninvited, yet you pushed your way in.

You were unwelcomed, yet you refused to leave.

How do you know my name and where I live, and how to find me?

You may spin your personal doctrine to save face to your heart's content. I have many friends, too, friends in much higher places than you can even conceive of.

Now people know the truth – and it didn’t come from you.


7/16/2011 -

Sadly responding to them usually just fans the flames, especially if the stalker is mentally unbalanced.

There's a reason for the saying "don't feed the trolls" - attention is what feeds them. There is nothing they hate more than being ignored. But that's what you need to do - ignore your attacker as the insignificant, mentally disturbed defective that they are and move on with your life.

That said, if they start to wreak havoc on your business/professional life, then seek the help of a professional reputation mgmt consultant.

7/16/2011 -

Hey believe me, I live with it day in and out - check the front page - my client's cyberstalker is now targeting me lol. Believe me, if you ignore her she will go away.

And reputation management firms do more than "damage control." We can assist in gathering information for legal proceedings, assist online with countering stalkers (so the victims don't have to deal with it), SEO, and much more.

But feeding comments to a mentally unstable person will get you nowhere but more online stalking. Let them die away unnoticed - for them that's a fate worse than death.

Best of luck!

7/16/2011 -

I should mention that when I say ignore your stalker, I mean by responding online. Feel free to let law enforcement and lawyers do what they can to help; unfortunately the reality is that these avenues rarely lead to satisfaction.

7/17/2011 -

I understand what you are saying. I do not comment to her at all. My attorney and now 2 other authorities are monitoring her. My story is public evidence. It only escalated when she attempted to find my physical address. we have that documented. Thanks for the advice.

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