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Your Rights Regarding Cheater and Reputation Forums:

Report #: 6494 - 1 Comment
Date Reported: Tuesday, December 8, 2020
Status: Active and Ongoing
Severity: Moderate - Public Bullying
Primary Weapon: Social Networks
Specific Location:
City/Local Area: San Francisco Bay Area
State/Territory: California
Region: United States

The Truth about web sites that can Ultimately harm ones reputation:

There are a number of web sites that allow scorned ex lovers, former spouses etc post material that can be quite harsh and in some cases damage a reputation beyond repair.

Getting over a divorce or relationship can be painful. There can be hurt feelings, anger, even hatred. Sometimes venting anger and frustration can be a kind of therapy. However, the question is often asked when does venting hurt feelings and anger go too far?

In reviewing the many popular Cheater web sites who has the rights concerning damaging posts by exs? I have researched this issue extensively. I have also consulted with a number of skilled attorneys regarding this very sensitive matter: Surprisingly this is the long and the short of this issue:

1). Unfortunately, these sites lean in favor of accepting and believing what the poster posts as Gospel and care very little about anyone who complains and makes claims of defamation.

2). Due to Internet Law and Laws regarding electronic rights, it seems the one posting information about an ex or relationship gone bad has most of the rights. Most of the rights under the following conditions:

A). That the information posted is accurate and True to the best of the posters knowledge: even if a post is damaging to ones good name as long as it is True then the opposing party has few rights:

B). You can only Sue for Defamation if something posted is totally False and you must prove that it damaged you so much that your life was affected in a manner that can not be corrected: (ex: Job loss. Loss of income due to a public post that is not true):

C). Defamation Cases can be tough to win even if you have competent legal counsel and non disputable PROOF. Cases like this are time consuming and quite costly. Celebrities with Million Dollar incomes have filed Defamation suits in the past. Most average income people can not afford to pay for litigation of this kind. It may cost up to 150k or more just to litigate, plus keep in mind you have to then try to collect the Judgment if you prevail n court. Cases of this nature can often turn Ugly.

My best advice it is a good idea to behave appropriately if you are in a marriage or relationship. Try to make a break up as Amicable as possible. Many times a break up with no anger or hurt feelings is not possible.

Stay off the Internet and Cheater sites. Try to keep as Private as possible.

Sometimes a site ill remove content if appropriate steps are taken: Some of these sites will not Remove content and they tell you this at the time posts are made:

Yes I agree: Public posts on sites can hurt reputations, cause job loss or demotion and can affect the way family and friends view a person.

Ye s I also agree that bad people such as ( STD Carrie rs, Sex addicts, Liars, Porno addicts, Bigamists, thieves and plain scum should be exposed ...I guess I have mixed feelings.

Finally, if you behave Morally, Socially, and dont do anything outrageous then the other party has nothing to post bad about anyone on an Interne t site

Final notations: .Many Internet Cheater and Infidelity site s may close and disappear only to start another site with a different name and re post all postings from the old site. Internet archives can store material for up to 12 years. If you search long enough you can find just about anything you are looking for:

**Practice strong Morals and ethics and hopefully you will never find your name on one of these sites: Only takes one post to end up going Viral after a period of time. Once it goes viral chances are slim you can repair a damaged reputation. Never give money to any on line Reputation Defender site. Many are Scams:

12/17/2020 -

I know defamation cases are difficult. I know on public forums the one that posts material appears to have most of the rights. A person should keep that in mind prior to starting a new post. Just act sensibly and follow forum rules and you should have no problems.

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