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Cyberbullying Report Internet Abuse Policy

Internet abuse occurs when someone posts information on Cyberbullying Report in violation of the websites Terms of Use. If you spot internet abuse anywhere on this site please follow the steps on this page for reporting the abuse.

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  1. Ask yourself is the abuse of such nature that no reasonable person could believe it to be true? If so Contact Us and if we agree with you that no reasonable person could believe the information to be true then we will remove it from the site and release the publishers contact information to anyone who asks for it. If a reasonable person could believe the information to be true then proceed to step 2.
  2. Go to the Cyberbullying Report in question. This can be done easily by going to the Cyber Bullies Exposed! Anti-Cyberbullying Harassment Reporting System and typing a word or phrase unique to the record into the textbox and clicking the search button.
  3. If you are a registered member post a comment about the Cyberbullying Report in question using the comment feature located below the report itself. This feature has been created for the purpose of making sure both sides have a chance to be heard. If you are not a member then you can sign up for free to speaking your mind.
  4. Contact the publisher of the report. This can be done easily by clicking on the user name link on the report itself at which point you will see either the members profile or a login page. If you are a member login and you will be redirected to the profile automatically. If you are not a member then sign up for a free membership to view the work of the author. The profile has a contact form where you can have Cyberbullying Report send an instant email to the publisher automatically. Every registered member is required to verify their email address before they start posting and that email address will be the one receiving the message. If you are unable to resolve your issues with the publisher proceed to step 5.
  5. Are you the subject of the report? If not your role in the dispute process is over. Please do not email us with personal stories regarding the subject(s) of the report(s) (ex: I have known subject X for y amount of years and he/she is not and has never been a cyberbully). We do not know them and cannot pass judgment on people we don’t know. If you are the subject of the report then proceed to step 6.
  6. Ask yourself are you or have you ever been a cyberbully? If your answer is yes then you must resolve your differences with your victim. If your answer is no then write a new Cyberbullying Report about the person cybebullying you on Cyberbullying Report to stop letting them get away with it by letting your voice be heard.

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