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Bullied Online for 2 Years by Stalker

Report #: 252 - 0 Comments
Date Reported: Sunday, October 9, 2011
Status: Active and Ongoing
Severity: Elevated - Smear Campaign
Primary Weapon: Original Websites
Specific Location: Texas
City/Local Area: Austin
State/Territory: Texas
Region: United States

A female cyberstalker has been bullying me online for over two years now, setting up numerous hate sites and chat rooms making false accusations about me, nicknaming me "Sybil." She is fixated and obsessed with me and has been inciting others to validate her bullying. She has made 6 cyberstalking blogs on Blogger alone. They are: , , , , , and

She was stealing my Youtube videos and reworking them to attack me at: , and

There are also numerous Twitter and Facebook pages.

I am a gay man suffering with full-blown AIDS, I'm disabled, suffering from Neuropathy nerve damage in my feet and hands and have diabetes. This unknown person and her followers are constantly bothering me online, writing untrue things and making threats against me. I've reported this matter to the police but unless they specificall threaten me with physical violence the police won't do anything. I've also reported this person to the FBI's cyber division.

This person has made false reports here calling ME a stalker. This person frequents my website at http://www.unknownhighway . A very seriously mentally unbalanced person who is quite the bully and needs to be stopped.

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