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Stop Letting Them Get Away with It! Petitions Stalking & Harassment on Massive Scale Petitions Stalking & Harassment on Massive Scale Petitions Stalking & Harassment on Massive Scale
Report #: 255 - 0 Comments
Date Reported: Saturday, October 15, 2011
Status: Active and Ongoing
Severity: High - Cyberstalking
Primary Weapon: Cross Site Stalking
Specific Location: 709 Douglass St
City/Local Area: San Francisco Bay Area
State/Territory: California
Region: United States has been promoting cyberstalking and internet harassment against multiple victims on a massive scale for years. Originally they began with email petitions directed at members of the government who elect to receive emails from constituents which was not too bad in cases of elected officials, but they have moved on to target innocent businesses who have done nothing wrong other than not making users happy. Now they are even taking their email harassment a step further attacking businesses on social networks.

The petition system is more than just a place to rant online, but it also contains a database containing the work of cyberstalkers who have tracked down contact information on countless businesses. By starting a petition people can make any company the target of anyone who agrees to sign the petition at which point a harassing email is sent to the victim. The victim is then powerless to stop them unless they change something about themselves that otherwise would be just fine.

Now has decided that email harassment is not good enough for coercing people into doing what they want, so they are attacking them on Facebook too. Proof of this can be found on's front page where Amanda Kloer can be seen bragging about the malicious attack she launched against 1-800-Flowers that inspired 54,000 people to harass them on Facebook until they agreed to sell flowers that they wouldn't have sold otherwise if they were not forced into it to stop the bullying. Not much is know about this new type of flower that loves so much other than they call it "fair trade" and it is so new that is yet to be listed by current botany books. Still 1-800-Flowers will be selling them just because people harassed them into doing so.

In the future businesses need to take a stand against until they realize that harassment will not be tolerated. If you find yourself the victim of a petition don't take and don't bow to it. In I recommend that anyone who finds themselves the victim of a petition to make changes to their email system so that and those who send petitions through it receive just as many if not more annoying automated responses until they realize that harassing you in such ways will create too much of a strain on their infrastructure.

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