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How Anthony Weiner Harassed Meagan Broussard & Lisa Weiss

How Anthony Weiner Harassed Meagan Broussard & Lisa Weiss
How Anthony Weiner Harassed Meagan Broussard & Lisa Weiss
Report #: 146 - 0 Comments
Date Reported: Friday, June 17, 2011
Status: Past Incident
Severity: Low - Private Harassment
Primary Weapon: Text Messaging
Specific Location: 1800 Sheepshead Bay Rd. in Brooklyn
City/Local Area: New York City
State/Territory: New York
Region: United States

A lot of people don't believe that what Anthony Weiner did to his Weinergate ladies was harassment, but it was and here is why. When a lady starts following a Congressman of friends him on Twitter she is probably doing it for reasons other than wanting his nuts. Even if the lady sends him a message complimenting him on his looks like Meagan Broussard did or says she fell in love with him while watching him yell at republicans like Lisa Weiss did on Facebook somebody in his position who engages in more than a polite thank you crosses the line. No woman in her right mind would expect a Congressman to pursue a relationship with them over the internet and any Congressman who thinks talking dirty to random girls online will make them interested in anything except learning more about how stupider he is willing to act is an idiot.

Sending nude pictures of yourself like he did to Broussard goes beyond the line no matter what she said to you. When a man is in a position of power inappropriate only begins to describe the use of that power to pursue random women on the internet. It's like if the owner of Cyberbullying Report were to start sending personal pictures of his wiener to any female he found following the website on Twitter. Even if the girl indicated that she liked him the girl would say the same thing Broussard said she told Weiner at the end of her Fox News appearance below "I have a life outside of this."

Meagan Broussard on Fox News

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