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Report #: 305 - 1 Comment
Date Reported: Wednesday, January 11, 2012
Status: Active and Ongoing
Severity: High - Cyberstalking
Primary Weapon: Cross Site Stalking
Specific Location: United States/Canada
City/Local Area: Lexington
State/Territory: Kentucky
Region: United States

The website is question is This person has been harassing me and stalking me for YEARS. This person has also bothered my friends - going so far as to post ridiculous lies about them. This person posts lies about me on a regular basis. He/she also posts my personal photos including nude photos from when I was under the legal age - thus making them child pornography. Not only that, but he/she also threatens me regularly and stalks me online. I can't use a single website without this person finding it and posting about it on that website.

I've tried going through the RCMP and my local police department but they apparently don't deal with matters such as this. I am now ready to find a lawyer and bail out the cash to take care of this person once and for all.

I'm located in Canada. I have absolutely no idea where this person is located. If anyone can someone find out and tell me then that would be great.

1/20/2012 -

This sort of thing is far too common. I too have been the victim of relentless bullying by a group of women and a couple of males. They have called me a pedophile and have made false police reports saying that I know the whereabouts of a missing child in an OPEN murder case.

Thus I know a bit about what you are going through. I have tried every remedy that I could to no avail. Law enforcement is inept when it comes to ADULT cyber bullying. Civil lawyers will not touch these cases because there is no money in it.

I have no idea what the solution is but to suffer through the ordeal.


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