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Jo Van - uses dating site and chat forums

Report #: 312 - 0 Comments
Date Reported: Friday, January 27, 2012
Status: Active and Ongoing
Severity: Moderate - Public Bullying
Primary Weapon: Forums
Specific Location: Oxford, England
City/Local Area: Oxford
State/Territory: United Kingdom (Great Britain)
Region: Europe

Meet Jo Van, although not many people choose to.

He posts primarily on plentyoffish and continues to harangue people from there on, where he is immune from censure due to a team of spineless creeps who 'moderate' there.

His posting style is that of a ten-year-old. He claims to have 'won' debates, litters his posts with emoticons, and makes personal comments to those who expose his inadequate intellgence. He has been removed from the POF forums permanently twice, yet each time has been allowed back on after crying to the moderators.

His troll posts are full of factual errors, and when he is 'corrected' he pursues his 'enemies' with accusations which are groundless. His two bans were earned as a result of his obsession with inventing statements purporting to come from his victims, but which don't exist. This form of misrepresentation (commonly known as 'lying') continues on pofusers, where he is free to make baseless accusations about named posters without being bound by the rules. When challenged there, he simply reports to the site that he is being made to look stupid, and the offending poster is deleted.

Jo Van's lying extended to claiming that he has reported a series of comments by one poster on POF to the HRREC who, he claimed, had verified that they were of a racist nature. He used that claim to berate that poster constantly for being racist. The comments were then posted on pofusers, and where seen not to be racist, but the damage was done. Despite several requests, he refuses to publish the response from the HRREC, which proves that he didn't contact it.

He threatened one poster on pofusers with a physical assault, and he twice joked about how he would use his finger to sexually assault an un-named female. None of these comments were sufficient to have him removed from pofusers, which shows that he can basically say what he like there.

If he encounters 'difficulties' on POF with posters (which happens frequently) he posts them the url for pofusers where he can create threads to berate them and falsely accuse them of anything he likes. It is impossible to defend against, because any 'difficult' posts which expose his lies are deleted by the site. His, however, remain on public view.

His nemesis on POF is a poster who he also encountered on pofusers, where he made baseless accusations for over two years. Jo Van even went as far as creating a report on here about how that poster was a cyber-bully who goaded people then reported them to 'his friends' the mods. Jo Van is, however, a serial goader and reporter who uses his friendly mods on pofusers to his advantage. He also used a false name on here, and even disguised his English so as to appear North American. He subsequently contacted various posters on POF informing them of the report in a further act of vengeance towards him.

Sadly for Jo Van, he admitted to one woman that HE was the reporter, and when she subsequently mentioned that fact on a pofusers thread, the spineless creep tried to blame the report on another innocent POF member. He was assisted in this by two of his cohorts, the aptly named Lying Cheat, and Virgo7UK.

Although Jo Van accuses others of racism, and claims to abhor racial stereotyping, he happily posts tales of Irish incompetence. His worst racist act, though, occurred when he announced on POF that he was changing his ethnicity from Caucasian to European because the former had links to those of 'darker skin tones'.

He also claims that there is only one race, whilst using racial terms to describe people.

The man would be tolerated as merely a buffoon with limited intelligence, but his nasty, bullying ways show his true persona. He has no 'friends' on facebook, and his time on POF has been largely fruitless, due mainly to his forum posts. He is largely loathed on POF and is the constant target of those with double-figure IQs who are able to destroy his opinion.

Jo Van is a disgrace.

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