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Report #: 239 - 3 Comments
Date Reported: Tuesday, September 13, 2011
Status: Active and Ongoing
Severity: Moderate - Public Bullying
Primary Weapon: Forums
Specific Location: Orange City, California
City/Local Area: Orange County
State/Territory: California
Region: United States

Kenneth Simpson, a 61 year old who lives at 3171 Bostonian Dr, Los Alamitos, CA 90720-4237, has been using the General forum of the dating site to vent racial abuse and cyber-bully and cyber-stalk other posters. He has been banned from the site many times for his abusive behavior, but seems to have a learning disability. His strategy has been to select a target, then tell blatant lies and make false accusations about them. When his target responds, he engages them in superficial argument, then follows them around the forum hurling offensive and abusive comments at them in an obsessive campaign of character assassination.

Most people who use the site recognize that his behavior is anti-social and distressing, but some time ago it reached the stage where the administrators of the site simply stopped taking any form of action on the large number of complaints that were being made against him, as every time they removed him from the site he would simply return with another new account and a new alias.

This angry, obsessive, and aggressive old man has been responsible for driving many people off the site. "PauPau", a liberal female who he harassed and subjected to a torrent of abuse masquerading as political argument. "IceBlinkLuck", a vulnerable female who rejected his sexual advances, and who he subjected to a vicious, unrelenting campaign of misogynistic name calling for months on end. And "Theodore", a harmless guy he hated with a passion and subjected to a constant tirade of abuse, simply because Theodore was diametrically opposed to Mr. Simpson's intolerant, racist, white supremacist views. These, among many others.

His current screen name is "Colin_Cancer", a derogatory reference to an English guy he obsessively harassed off the site with incessant taunting about a failed relationship, even going so far as to mock and belittle this guy's mother's death. The people who remain on the site tolerate Kenneth Simpson's abusive behavior out of a reluctance to protest against it, for fear he should turn his attention upon and begin to bully and harass them.

This very immature old man is a textbook cyber-bully and serial harasser, who has feebly attempted to condone his abusive behavior with a combination of lies, bogus justifications, superficial charm and deceit, feigning to be a "good Christian" in real life, which runs in stark contrast to his behavior and treatment of others online.

He has repeatedly proven himself to be a pathological liar, without conscience, and shows no awareness or remorse for any of his shameful and deeply disturbing behavior.

He inadvertantly made it known that he posts on the "Stormfront" white supremacist, neo-Nazi website. Activity on this and similar sites is being closely monitored, so as to identify under which usernames he is posting.

He currently works from home but has a business address listed as:

Simpson Reporters

1600 West Struck Avenue

Suite 131

Orange, CA 92867

His telephone number: 562-493-2504

His cellphone number: 714-658-6791


Mr Simpson recently deleted his Facebook account due to all of his Facebook friends being made aware of his deplorable online behavior.

He has been married and divorced 3 times by different women. In each case it was his wife who was the plaintiff i.e. the person who filed for the divorce.

In light of what is already known about the nature of his character, we can only speculate as to their motives.

9/15/2011 -

Ehem. So I am from OKC and I must post that is report is a gross over exaggeration, and a most likely attempt AT BULLYING, by a known bully known as "Collin Hogg". Collin is a 60 something convicted fellon from North Ireland who has had something nasty to say about just about everything on OK Cupid and has been banned more times than satan himself. Collin also met up with, and physically abused a female from the site known as "molly". Collin has publicly bashed Ken as much if not more than vice versa.

Most of OK Cupid doesn't care. I don't think an "antibully site" should be used to bully.

9/15/2011 -

We can confirm that iamjacksokc is a member of OKC. We can also confirm that iamjacksokc has a solid and reliable reputation as someone who never says anything truthful or accurate, as witnessed in his post.

10/2/2011 -

Kenneth Simpson is infamous, I spotted his internet activity a long time ago, and can verify everything that has been said about him in this report. He has a history of cyber-harassment and cyber-stalking, and gets his kicks from abusing people literally 24/7. Obviously someone with no life and serious anger issues, and the OKCupid forums that he continues to haunt is now an empty shit-hole that nobody wants to post in because of him.

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