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Nikol Purvis hacked my FB & stole my identity & now bully me

Nikol Purvis hacked my FB & stole my identity & now bully me
Nikol Purvis hacked my FB & stole my identity & now bully me
Report #: 262 - 2 Comments
Date Reported: Tuesday, October 25, 2011
Status: Active and Ongoing
Severity: High - Cyberstalking
Primary Weapon: Impersonation
Specific Location:!/NikolPurvis
City/Local Area: Washington
State/Territory: District of Columbia
Region: United States

I was a friend of Nik's long before she ever became friends with Daneal. When things started going wrong with us, she hacked into my facebook account and posted some nasty comments and things with foul language and my account was violated for terms of service violations in multitudes and cancelled. I created another, and tried to make ammends with Nik, only to find that I did not know what I had done wrong and was being accused of things I had never even done, including driving and flying to her residence and abusing her. I was at the time living in Georgia. I am in the Military, so what she was doing was causing a lot of ruckus and shame and embarrassment to my Military career. I think that is what set her off in the first place, because one time I correct her in public about the Military and a post she had made, when it was wrong, and I was forth right. She was however wrong. I tried to tag her facebook, but cannot. She has written nasty posts including death threats about many people in the past and present, when they anger her, and since bought many of guns according to her posts and intends to go after Daneal and shoot her. So I yes, feel she is a danger to society. That is why she is blocking and locking down everything, because she is posting criminal activities, and if ever she makes it public, it will have been deleted first. And so you are aware, the post below mine regarding Daneal is my name, Jessie Lewis. I am Jessie Lewis Bell, as you can well see, she stole my identity there also. The woman uses my name all of the time, and I am pursuing this matter legally through military lawyers. She did come after me face to face with a tazer once with intention to use it but some man pulled her away from me, so I know she isn't afraid to use violence on people, and as I have stated, she intends to pursue that Daneal character and the Neil one as well. However, she thinks that the Neil really is Daneal with another phony name, like she states, she has made numerous accounts herself, so it is that easy, she is certain it is that whale. She is a known hacker, a cyberbully, has weaponry, she has been in the military, as well as jail, she is bisexual and she does take monies from organizations for donations and get the money put into her hands and keeps it, just like Daneal keeps warning everyone, everything that Daneal woman says is fact, and I know it, I have lived through this crap and continue to try torebuild new facebooks one after another only to be messed with each and every time by her. She is a very mentally challenged woman that needs put back on her medication, I am using a friends computer so my IP will not be traced for my protection. That is how scared of this woman I am. She is a violent criminal offender and needs put back into jail where criminal belong. She is to this day blackmailing me to pay her for wrongfully stealing money I never took from her, ever. How can I steal money over the web? I never bought anything from her! You people need to realize this is not a game and that she is for real, nothing is a game to her, she will come after you, all of you. Daneal you are in extreme danger, you and your family. I am not kidding, death threats were posted on Nik's wall. I am on her friends list under an imposter name, she just doesn't know it! I will keep you informed, I took down your email, I will be in touch with you. Please note the post below of Jessie Lewis regarding Daneal is a fraud, yes I can speak Espanol!Sorry

10/25/2011 -

Wow, this cyberbully site must not be very thorough. And Nikol, just so you know, many of yo so called friends are sending your posts to Deneale from your facebook wall, so your locking it down in the first place, really isn't doing you any good anyway. She already has everything, and she had her friend check too, the IPs matched for the phony Brandon something or other emailing her and you. They are both you. Honestly, I think your best bet, is to apologize, and publically. The broad never stole no $6000 grand from ya. And you know she was a good friend in the first place the whole darn time

10/25/2011 -

And by the way Deneale, you need to make a police report if you haven't already? On the death threats, especially if you have the copies. I am sorry to see the two of you go at it like this, I so did enjoy watching the two of you cackling on your facebook walls all of the time. You were great friends together. I honestly seen the posts that Nikol posted out, and yeah I thought it was joking between friends, but when someone quits taking their medication and is a sychzophrenic this is what happens. Another personality comes out to take control. And that is when and where friendships get lost.

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