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Threats and Harassment Possibly From Danielle Reynard

Threats and Harassment Possibly From  Danielle Reynard
Threats and Harassment Possibly From Danielle Reynard
Report #: 5473 - 0 Comments
Date Reported: Wednesday, June 17, 2020
Status: Active and Ongoing
Severity: Moderate - Public Bullying
Primary Weapon: Social Networks
Specific Location: 424 PARMLEY LN
City/Local Area: Nashville
State/Territory: Tennessee
Region: United States

Someone claiming to be Danielle Reynard of Nashville,Tennessee has been sending us threats recently and has since escalated her behavior to public bullying on Facebook this week. It started when We The Governed released over 20,000 complaints filed with the state of Washington accusing people and businesses of violating the governor's stay at home order. received copies of the data from We The Governed and uploaded it to our database so that businesses could know if they were told on and by whom.

Earlier this month we received an email from someone claiming to be Danielle Reynard stating "Why is my email address associated with this post? I live in Tennessee! Please take it down ASAP." The email address submitted to us was the same dhreynard Gmail account from the report submitted to the state of Washington and we responded by explaining "This email address and associated post is derived from data turned over by the state of Washington. To know why your email address is associated with it you would have to ask them." We did not receive a reply from any of our emails to that address, but we did get further messages submitted via our contact form that included that email address. The next one said "Listen here, I did not file a complaint against anyone. I have an ex that I have a protection order against and you need to remove this IMMEDIATELY as it violates MY safety. Please do not force me to file an order with the prosecutor and/or police to have this removed. SECOND REQUEST." Followed by the following message:

"I have now requested that my name, email address and phone number be removed from your site. I have a DV Protective Order against my ex and the publishing of this information is putting my safety at risk. I am in hiding and my address is in another state. He has done these types of things previously and was in both my phone and computer. Expert hacker. I already emailed the poster who put this up to remove it. This is the third time I have sent a removal request to your site. If it is not removed promptly, I will seek a court order to have it removed and damages resulting from my safety being violated. " - Danielle Reynard

We responded by saying "So, your argument against being listed as a snitch is that you snitched out your ex to the DV police and if you name is not removed you plan to snitch on the website? Sounds like your name is in the right place." We have not received any more messages via our form regarding this matter.

On Monday we received a Facebook message from an account created under the name "Dani Lopez" which stated:

"My friend is being stalked and cyberstalked by her ex. He has used her information to do things online, including your website. YOU are putting her safety at risk as you list her out of state number and email address. Stayathome is the handle of the poster. Her attorney is looking into it."

Followed by "YOU do not understand how you are putting a female's safety at risk? You can be sued for it." and the following:

"Exactly and how is it that you confirm the person is the one who actually filed the report? If this is Cyrus, you should know that if something happens to her, you will hold accountability. Publishing her personal information and violating HER safety is less important to you than trying to "out" those who file reports? I am TELLING YOU that she is in danger and is in hiding. Nobody deserves this...Take it down or I will make sure via my friend's law firm that you pay for it"

This Dani Lopez also started filing frivolous complaints with Facebook for any of our pages she felt might be in violation of Facebook's community guidelines. We would list this Lopez as a snitch, but technically you're only a snitch if you give information to the government and Facebook is not the government. We also believe this Dani Lopez to in fact be Danielle Reynard. We say this because the only friend listed by this profile is named Danielle Reynard, the profile picture is of the ocean, and there is no more information available on the profile.

There is of course the possibility that the person contacting us is someone else. It could be someone familiar with our history of posting information about people that threaten us hoping to smear the real Danielle Reynard. It is also possible that someone else could have submitted her name to the state of Washington, so if someone is ever convicted of ID theft in this matter and we believe the conviction to be legit we will probably remove the post. The problem with her position is that if it were the ex that submitted the complaint to Washington then he already has her number and she is not in any danger from him by it being available online. If someone else put her current number in that form despite her moving all the way to Tennessee then she must have made new enemies there over the past 4 years that know where she is from and used that form. Then again why would she rat out a business in Washington if she has not been there for four years? Your guess is as good as ours. Maybe her ex or someone else she does not like is associated with the Power Alley Fitness and she was getting back at him for something he did years ago, or maybe a friend of hers told her about it and she complained for some other reason. We honestly do not know.

What we do know is that cases like this one are usually cases in which someone is caught doing something they can't prove they did not do and are looking for some other way to compel removal of the information. It reminds us of a case in which a man had posted true facts about an ex-girlfriend and she started stalking the owner of the website hoping that if she harassed him enough he would remove it. The ex had been convicted of making a harassing phone call about her once, but that didn't prove he abused the website, so the posting stayed up for months until he finally verified ownership of the author account and asked that it be removed. In the meantime we were stuck dealing with his crazy ex. We don't remove reports based on threats or lawsuits and we have ways of keeping things just as visible if people think they can circumvent that policy by getting court orders from other jurisdictions. We will take it down if convinced it is not accurate, but that probably will not happen.

It should also be noted that restraining orders are notorious for being easy to get. Someone can usually get one just by submitting a sworn statement to a judge saying that someone is making them fear for their safety. It should be noted that such statements are grounds for listing someone as a snitch, so saying that they have one is an admission that they are a snitch. Such restraining orders are often combined with police reports, but usually not criminal convictions because such sworn statements are not probably cause to make an arrest let alone proof beyond a reasonable doubt.

If she has in fact been stalked in the way describe we are sorry for her troubles and recommend reporting her ex to Cyberbullyin Report, but we can't let anyone whose name appears in the Washington snitch data get it removed simply by saying that they are afraid of a stalker finding it.

We were able to find public records for one Danielle Helen Reynard that we believe to be the same person due to the "h" in the "dhreynard" email address. The address included with this report is also available online under her name on countless websites, so if it is her current home address and she does have a stalker then we are not endangering her safety with it at all. Anyone that Googles her full first, middle, and last name which any ex so dedicated would already know can find out where she lives, so that negates the phone number as being dangerous for her safety.

Snitches Exposed in Washington

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