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Cyberbullying Report Official Launch Delayed

4/11/2011 - Today we regret to inform you that the official launch date of Cyberbullying Report Anti-Bullying and Internet Safety Services has been delayed. The cause of this delay has to do with the Global Directory of Internet Safety Resources being incomplete and other technical issues.

The Global Directory of Internet Safety Resources has a solid lineup of products and services but needs a greater category selection to encompass everything that one may want to advertiser. This means that the category list will grow significantly by the end of this week so that we can feel comfortable offering it as a resource for companies looking to advertiser their product or service. Current products and services cover Network Security, Reputation Management, and Child Protection. Future categories will include investigative services for researching people you meet online before meeting them, movies, and anti-bullying education.

Technical delays hindering the launch are minor yet annoying the cause for both can be traced to JavaScript. The first problem is that most AJAX Control ToolKit features are not compatible with WebKit browsers. This means that Apple Safari and Google Chrome users will need to upgrade to Internet Explorer 7 or Firefox 3.5 to use the website unless we can find a find a fix from Microsoft. There is also an issue regarding the deferred loading code for some of the banner ads that will result in the removal of the LazyLoadAds jQuery plugin from the site because of back button compatibility issues that cause content to be written to the wrong div tag sometimes.

Other than that the anti-cyberbullying features are all in place and functioning great, so feel free to report cyberbullying despite the site not being finished. The site will launch no later than April 18th.

4/17/2011 - Everything looks to be on track with the exception of the WebKit browser issue, but that's not a big deal since Chrome and Safari users get a notice to user Firefox or IE anyway. The final home page will be up within a couple hours after which the final categories for the Internet Safety Resources Directory will be finalized.

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