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12/23/2011 - Cyberbullying Report is joining a state of the art reputation management service for improving online reputations by helping clients compete with negative search results about themselves, improve negative snippets, and block pages starting on December 26, 2011. Primarily designed for businesses, but good for people the No Limit List Corporate Advocacy Program (NLLCAP) is the most potent cost effective system of its type ever built capable of bridging the gap between efficient webmasters and needy web users.

Under the current business model using human resources to manually review, remove, or otherwise police user generated content (UGC) on Cyberbullying Report beyond minimal levels is not economically viable. It is not economically viable because doing so would cause total costs to exceed revenue due to high opportunity costs. Opportunity costs are costs incurred by choosing one alternative over another when the chosen alternative is inferior in some way. Opportunity costs are one of the key differences between economic costs and accounting costs because accounting cost also known as historical cost only considers the amount of money originally spent on items (ex: I spent a few bucks on web hosting last month) without factoring in benefits or losses associated with alternatives (ex: I spent time babysitting grown adults online for free that could have been spent on profitable activities). In accounting terms Cyberbullying Report has always been profitable because total revenue minus total monetary costs has always resulted in a positive number, but in order to prevent opportunity costs from skyrocketing we have always had to automate administrative tasks as far as UGC management is concerned with limited exceptions. The automated system gives Cyberbullying Report the ability to empower its users with online publishing services 24 hours a day 7 days a week without requiring any type of human staff to maintain it beyond making sure that the server is functioning properly. The automated system is great for business, but it frequently is an issue of contention for end users so dissatisfied with the work of other users that they complain to us via the contact form only to find out more often than not that there is no admin.

NLLCAP exists to bridge the gap between economically viable web users and the sites they use by helping webmasters satisfy the desires of their users in ways that otherwise would not be fiscally responsible. To do this it offers three levels of service in the form of Bronze, Silver, and Gold Packages designed to help improve search engine reputations. The Bronze offers a basic search engine analysis and recovery plan designed to help people compete with damaging information using their own positive assets. The Silver Package adds information optimization services that block personal data (ex: residential addresses), removes syndicated content, and improves search results with nicer snippets. The Gold Package adds no index meta tags that block pages and tag archives highly relevant to you from search engines, removes pages from Google, and offers author mediation services designed to persuade positive edits or removals.

Cyberbullying Report has openly criticized reputation management systems similar to this one run by leading consumer complaint sites in the past, but what makes this one better is features and price. Unlike other services NLLCAP offers to completely remove pages from search engines with no index tags and offers custom SEO consultations that should make the clients owners of their own names in the end under average circumstances. The standard price for a Gold Package is just $999.99 ($499.99 during the after Christmas launch sale) which might sound a little steep to some, but it’s far less than the Ripoff Report Corporate Advocacy Program that it is partially based on which requires a minimum flat fee of $7,500 (

Cyberbullying Report hopes that by participating in NLLCAP it will increase the economic viability of communicating with all of its users through a trickle down effect that should make serving non-paying users more economically viable once the needs of paying customers are met. We also hope that the same trickle down effect will stimulate economic growth making it easier for people to afford online reputation management services for tackling undesirable content on the web as a whole because the bullies in better economies have more tools at their disposal and so should the bullied. NLLCAP is not a substitute for the Cyberbullying Report Abuse Policy and everyone should remember that NLLCAP does not remove on-site content other than some types of personal data, but it does make on-site content less visible elsewhere on the web making it ideal for scenarios where removing reports would censor members in good standing thus making removal impossible.

Learn more: NLLCAP Reputation Management for Cyberbullying Report.

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