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CyberbullyingReport Launch Set for April 11th

4/8/2011 - The launch date for Cyberbullying Report Anti-Bullying and Internet Safety Services has been set for April 11th, 2011 after several months of delays due both to technical issues and time constraints. The final version of the service will be both an anonymous service for reporting cyberbullying and a comprehensive directory of internet safety resources.

The Anti-Bullying section is complete and ready to accept reports. Before the launch we will be populating the list with more notable bullying cases. Upcoming cases involve a bikini teacher and Perez Hilton as well as the owner of a web hosting company who sent us a harassing profanity laced email a couple days ago as the result of an unrelated monetary dispute.

The Internet Safety Services Section will have a variety of merchandise as well as links to useful services for Network Security and Reputation Management. It will also see an expansion of sections designed to help anyone offering relevant services free advertising whether we are affiliated with them or not.

Once finished Cyberbullying Report will be the best anti-cyberbullying and internet safety resource on the planet.

8/26/2019 - The launch of a mobile version should take place in coming months.

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