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A Fresh Start for DD and the Terror Troll of Poughkeepsie

A Fresh Start for DD and the Terror Troll of Poughkeepsie
A Fresh Start for DD and the Terror Troll of Poughkeepsie
Report #: 2421 - 1 Comment
Date Reported: Wednesday, September 4, 2019
Status: Past Incident
Severity: Severe - Cyberterrorism
Primary Weapon: Website Defacement
Specific Location: Somewhere on the Internets
City/Local Area: Poughkeepsie
State/Territory: New York
Region: United States has decided to offer a fresh start to a man that defaced the website almost a decade ago and another man that decided to stalk and harass the owner online for not doing more to fight a man we know as the Terror Troll of Poughkeepsie.

The initials of the Terror Troll of Poughkeepsie are MB but beyond that in the recognition of that being a really long time ago we will not identify him further unless some future transgression takes place. It was all pretty stupid stuff anyway and we were looking for someone that abused our services to make an example of so when we caught MB we published everything we knew and could find, We doxed the hell out of him and even sent press releases detailing his terror to media outlets in his area. One tv station picked up the release and posted it word for word as an actual story. Lucky for him we misspelled his last name. It was the first time one of our releases was published on a news site word for word so we loved every minute until they took it down and then we were mad and did everything we could to keep it live in some form. Our motives were purely profession in that we saw it as a means to gain publicity for the site, increase ad revenue, and deter abuse. We never really considered it a personal thing like he did. The guy even filed complaints with the state's attorney general that were eventually given to the FBI as if we had some personal obsession over him. We did not. He was a commodity to us. In light of this he just might end up being the only person whose snitch paperwork we don't publish. Funny thing is if you really look at the incident he was snitching on himself as well.

DD is someone we eventually tried to help. We sympathized with his position of being harassed by MB on the website. Someone had posted a report accusing DD of having Herpes but the author was obviously not MB. MB showed up on the site later and posted over 100 comments bashing DD and DD was losing his patience and started stalking and harassing the founder of That was something we do not tolerate even if the motive is someone abusing our services. The situation was that nothing MB posted violated our Terms of Use until he accused DD of being a convicted rapist. Knowing that if that were true DD would be a registered sex offender we looked up his name in his state's sex offender registry and it was not there. When confronted MB backtracked by only saying that DD was arrested for rape. Obviously an arrest is not a conviction so we took action at that point. Despite that we still documented DD's stalking activities and we were going to remove his report from this site a very long time ago but amended it to be helpful. That was because MB was still harassing him on a website run by MB and we though it would offset the negative info for DD. So, why not leave it up? DD asked many years ago to change the image name to keep it out of Google image searches for him while he was looking for work and we did, so we figured we would save him the time of asking us to take down a report that we would be happy to take down anyway. wished MB and DD the. They were both young men involved in a nasty online fight and we do not want to see it scar their online reputations for the rest of their lives. We hope that they have found more enjoyable and productive things to do with their time. We hope that the rest of their lives will be happy and peaceful.

9/4/2019 -

Another thing, this was not even an attempt to fool the press. We sent out a release thinking that it might lead to a story along the lines of "see what one website is doing about abuse" not a literal reprinting. Sure there was a part of the website titled "Evil Doers Cyber Terrorist Watch List" and it did including information about people that abused the website and yes we were looking for information about those people but we never expected it to be taken literally without anyone looking at it. This was #fakenews before #realdonaldtrump exposed it.

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