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Abusive Users from the Evil Doers Cyber Terrorist Watch List

Abusive Users from the Evil Doers Cyber Terrorist Watch List
Abusive Users from the Evil Doers Cyber Terrorist Watch List
Report #: 32 - 1 Comment
Date Reported: Saturday, February 26, 2011
Status: Active and Ongoing
Severity: Severe - Cyberterrorism
Primary Weapon: Website Defacement
Specific Location: Attacking My Site From All Over the Web
City/Local Area: Portland
State/Territory: Oregon
Region: United States

In late 2009 STD Carriers Disease Control and Prevention Services published the Evil Doers Cyber Terrorist Watch List of users who had engaged in "the premeditated use of disruptive activities, or the threat thereof, against computers and/or networks, with the intention to cause harm or further social, ideological, religious, political or similar objectives. Or to intimidate any person in furtherance of such objectives" quoting Barry C. Collin's original broad definition of cyberterrorism available on Wikipedia ( The list included a wide range of reports listing IP addresses and servers used to post information in violation of the websites Terms of Use (TOU) agreement. These acts ranged from the use of spam to disrupt or reduce overall quality of service and uploading pornography to harassment, unauthorized access, and other abuses of the STD Carriers Early Warning Alert System for Venereal Disease Control.

The least serious of these offenders were the spammers usually creating false reports containing their opinions before the site had a forum and comment boards. In other cases false profiles were created of actual people that were so ridiculous that no reasonable person could believe them.

The most serious of these offenses involved harassment in the form of false STD accusations and in some cases nude photos. The false STD accusations were especially brutal because several were written in a manner that a reasonable person could believe to be true.

All users found in violation of the TOU were banned and most had their IP addresses published. In some cases banned users returned, gained unauthorized access to the system, and defaced the site further. The repeat offenders are being classified as the most serious of cyber bullies in the cyberterrorism category because they fit the technical definition.

Delinquent IP addresses are as follows:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

2/26/2011 -

The Evil Doers Cyber Terrorist Watch List was disbanded in early 2011 in favor of superior services for fighting internet abuse.

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