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Accusing Webmasters of Wrongdoing While Abusing Their Sites

Accusing Webmasters of Wrongdoing While Abusing Their Sites
Accusing Webmasters of Wrongdoing While Abusing Their Sites
Report #: 6513 - 0 Comments
Date Reported: Wednesday, April 14, 2021
Status: Active and Ongoing
Severity: Elevated - Smear Campaign
Primary Weapon: Original Websites
Specific Location:
City/Local Area: Portland
State/Territory: Oregon
Region: United States

I noticed a great example of hypocrisy yesterday. A user of this website abused the service by accusing the owner of publishing false information while at the same time publishing false information about the owner. You can check out the link titled "Do Not as I Do" above this article. I normally wouldn't bother responding to such things, but it highlights a common misconception. A misconception as simple as telling the difference between a human and a computer.

When a user signs up for this site they agree that they understand the fact that they are the publishers of their own work. When someone fills out a form and clicks a button they trigger the publication functions of the website. The website is not the publisher. The website is a computer that accepts inputs and outputs them accordingly. It is an automated process, but that author would have you believe that the websites "will publish information on anyone for the purposes of defamation, without doing any fact checking." That person clearly has not read the disclaimers and user agreements. That is unfortunately all too common. It is 2021 and some people still don't know the difference between content published by end users and content published by website owners. A website owner is not the publisher of the content he or she was complaining about anymore than this website was the publisher of his or her content.

On top of that he or she advocated violence against me saying, "Someone needs to fix his little red wagon with a bullet to his head!" What kind of person writes an article accusing someone of cyberbullying while at the same time cyberbullying someone with such things? I have my faults and I have admittedly cyberbullied people in the past, but I have never posted anything advocating for the murder of anyone. Whoever this is, they are lucky that I am not a snitch or they might be in big trouble. I am an advocate against the criminal injustice system and I don't believe anyone deserves to be in jail just for posting what this person posted. I hope that this person is careful in the future because others might not be so forgiving.

Also, that author can login to correct their own mistakes at any time. That is a feature commonly overlook which a lot of sites do not offer. That person was critical of my removal policies when the authors are free to remove their STD reports at any time. In theory my involvement in the removal process should not be necessary. A lot of people post on this site and others while angry, so I like the idea of giving them a way to take back what they said when they calm down. A lot of websites just keep everything and don't permit that, so it is usually better for pissed off people to vent on sites of mine.

Finally, the sexual pleasure allegation is so ridiculous I don't feel the need to rebut it further.

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