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Analysis of Darren Ambler Cyberstalking incident Book

Analysis of Darren Ambler Cyberstalking incident  Book
Analysis of Darren Ambler Cyberstalking incident Book
Report #: 14597 - 0 Comments
Date Reported: Saturday, October 14, 2023
Status: Past Incident
Severity: High - Cyberstalking
Primary Weapon: IP Tracing
Specific Location: Camden County/ Cherry Hill NJ
City/Local Area: South Jersey
State/Territory: New Jersey
Region: United States

*Published by Lauren Lucas/ The LUCAS Agency:

Published on: October 13, 2023:

Part One:


*Analysis of Cyber Stalking incident & book published by the person who was Cyber Bullied (Pat R.) by Darren Ambler: For legal reasons and advertising regulations I am not permitted to mention the title of the book. Apparently, the book was a success and the author is working on another. We are a third party entity that has the rights to publish such material and detailed analysis:

I have read several posts regarding this incident right here on this website as well as other related on line Internet web sites. The story of this incident is consistent and tells the story of someone who turned against a former friend in order to try and cover u p very indiscreet sexually immoral behaviors and other unpredictable conduct exhibited by the Cyber Bully Darren Ambler. Generally speaking the author/publisher of this book clearly points out that Darren Ambler in addition to indecent and immoral behavior also exhibits signs of serious mental illness which obviously has gone untreated and without a doubt has worsened over time.

I have read this book and it is well written and very detailed. I believe the attorney for the person who was stalked (Pat R) assisted him with the writing of this book. This book tells the story of two individuals that became friends on or around June of 2014. It seems the two met at some kind of public meeting involving recovery / addiction etc.

The author describes the meeting on a very hot and humid Sunday night in Moorestown NJ. In addition, the author says in the book he and Mr. Ambler spoke for the first time to one another after this meeting commenced around 9:30 pm. The author (PR)- says Mr. Ambler seemed a bit reserved but all in all seemed like a decent guy. However, as the months wore on and the friendship intensified, (PR) saw drastic changes in Mr. Ambler's personality which were quite drastic and alarming.

(PR)- says he felt somewhat sorry for Darren Ambler because at the time he was newly separated from his then wife and kids. In addition, he stated that Darren Ambler seemed lonely, lost and somewhat depressed due to his life circumstances at this particular time. Within about a month the author says he and Darren Ambler became close friends. At one point (according to the book) Darren Ambler called the author (PR) every day on his cell phone just to talk. PR said at the time he did not mind the calls because he felt Darren Ambler was a trusted friend and was simply lonely and in need of someone to talk to.

The author (PR) even made mention at one point about possibly fixing Darren Ambler up with a friend of his wife. However, initially this girl had an interest but it quickly faded . After this girl realized complications of dating a divorced man and Mr. Ambler's obvious psychological problems she quickly lost interest. However, Darren Ambler had a hard accepting being rejected and ultimately sought revenge against his friend (PR) and his true colors finally surfaced.

Initially the author says he felt Darren Ambler was a genuine person and good friend. However, after witnessing the change in Mr. Ambler (his selfishness, obvious mental problems, vengeful nature) his opinion quickly changed. After the falling out occurred, the author said that he feels that Darren Ambler was using him in order to get the friend of his wife to date Darren Ambler. Which would have been the author's (PR) wife's girlfriend. Of course, the relationship never took off and Darren Ambler was angry about that. Which anyone would say that you should never rely on friends to fix you up with a mate. Even if you do rely on a friend to fix you up with a new mate, and it doesn't work that you should not turn on the friend because you didn't get what you wanted.

That is a sign of someone that was never a good a friend to begin with. It seems Darren Ambler certainly fits that bill to a T. Darren Ambler did not get what he wanted therefore he turned on his friend and no longer wanted a friendship with him. Anyone with an ounce of common sense and decency would steer clear of someone like Darren Ambler. Darren Ambler is obviously immature, self- centered and mentally unstable. That spells a recipe for DISASTER! It is very true and the book points this fact out very clearly the fact being that Darren Ambler could never really be a good friend to anyone. In addition, it would be almost impossible for Darren Ambler to maintain a stable relationship with the opposite sex for any length of time.

Mentally unstable individuals don't mix well with mentally healthy people. It is like mixing caviar with beer. Caviar and beef just do not go together. Apparently PR, says in the book he overlooked Darren Ambler's odd behavior because in the beginning he did care about him and that he tried to help him. It was not until it was too late that the writer says he realized that you can not help people like Darren Ambler. Only professionals with a degree in Psychiatry can help the Darren Ambler's out there. However, it has been stated that Darren Ambler is such an extreme case that possibly the most skilled Psycho- analyst could not even help Darren Ambler with his host of mental problems. It seems the problem is that Darren Ambler is so into his own world that he really believes his offensive and inappropriate behavior is normal and that he does nothing wrong.

Mentally unbalanced persons think everyone else is crazy and that they are normal. It is no different with Darren Ambler. Mr. Ambler thinks the same way. That he is normal and good and everyone else is wrong, cruel and out to get him. However, Darren Ambler fails to mention his abnormal lifestyle which included a host of paid prostitutes, one night stands, drugs, abusive behavior, pornography and other obsessive unhealthy behaviors.

Based on what I read it seems Mr. Ambler is way beneath the writers class, moral beliefs etc. That they are two different people that have nothing in common and that mental illness is controlling Darren Ambler's life. That Mr. Ambler fails to understand that most of the world doesn't pay hookers for sex, have an obsession with pornography, takes drugs, lies all the time and tries to discredit other people. Mr. Ambler is in the minority. Mr. Ambler is the one who lives a life that is unacceptable and frowned upon by most normal and mentally healthy adults in this country.

The author stated several times throughout this book that who in the right mind would want to associate with someone like Darren Ambler. I must say I am in full agreement. I feel most of America would agree that Darren Ambler is extremely Selfish and Self- Centered. Even if Mr. Ambler feels his lifestyle is acceptable, what about his children? Most people realize that some where down the road their behaviors will ultimately affect the lives of their children. This is why parents must act accordingly when raising children. This does not seem to faze Mr. Ambler one bit.

Mr. Ambler doesn't care or seem to care one bit if his children are hurt or embarrassed by his immoral, indecent behaviors. What a parent does will eventually affect their children. This proves Mr. Amblers obvious Selfishness and diminished mental capacity. Mr. Ambler just does not care how his behavior affects his children or he wouldn't have behaved that way from the beginning.

This concludes part one my analysis of this case and the book.


Ms. Lauren Lucas

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