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Anti Jill Zarin Hate Blog Operated by Lynnnchicago101

Anti Jill Zarin Hate Blog Operated by Lynnnchicago101
Anti Jill Zarin Hate Blog Operated by Lynnnchicago101
Report #: 195 - 3 Comments
Date Reported: Thursday, June 30, 2011
Status: Active and Ongoing
Severity: Moderate - Public Bullying
Primary Weapon: Blogs
Specific Location:
City/Local Area: Chicago
State/Territory: Illinois
Region: United States

Simon van Kempen was recently confronted about his alleged involvement with a blog called "I Hate Jill Zarin" located at on a recent episode of The Real Housewives of New York City. The blog is full of articles bashing Jill Zarin and was put up around the time she started feuding with another housewife named Bethenny Frankel.

Simon vehemently denies having anything to with the blog which is hosted on where anyone with a valid email address can create a blog instantly. His wife Alex McCord released a statement that they don't own the blog, however that is an easy claim to make since everyone knows that Wordpress owns it, but Alex elaborated by clearly stating that they are not and have never been "investors, content writers, posters, or even members of the blog." On the other hand the blogger supposedly is in Chicago where the two of them attended an event for meeting local bloggers, but since they are public people anyone could have set up the blog to make them look like cyber bullies.


Regardless of who owns it the blog is a hate blog pure and simple. It targets an individual saying that it hates her and packing it with reasons the author want others to hate her too. If run by a fan this person needs to get a life, if run by Simon or another acquaintance then they need to grow up.

UPDATE: After watching the show for the first time in my life I threw together a little clip collection below. Personally I think its just a bunch of fake manufactured drama because without stuff like this it would be just a bunch of ordinary boring people rearranging their furniture and going out to eat.

Mean Tweeting Episode Clips

7/24/2011 -

I must say that cyber bullying can be a problem, but I have seen this blog. This is why there is freedom of speech in the constitution. When you decide to air your life on television it happens. That is our first amendment right and a blog is that right as well. These people get paid to be on television and people are not always going to like someone. Bullying in my mind is something completely different. I just think this is an over exaggerated post.

7/27/2011 -

You have a good point about free speech and criticizing people who get paid to air their lives on television is protected speech. In fact if you read the credits I wrote for the streaming video you will see that I am no fan of this show either, in fact watching just one episode was a torturous ordeal and I did not feel like a bully then, but creating a hate blog dedicated to one person who you only know from television and dedicating the time to populate it with so much hateful content is excessive.

7/27/2011 -

I also visited the blog after the episode and noticed that the blog author/owner posted a picture of herself standing outside of the victim's place of business. The picture makes her look like a total stalker, especially when considering the fact that the blogger lives in Chicago and Jill Zarin lives in New York City. It makes me wonder if stumbling upon her store was just a coincidence, a side trip when in New York for a different reason, or if she went all the way there just to track down.

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