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Bad Neighbor Jennifer Petkov Bullied a Dying Kid on Facebook

Bad Neighbor Jennifer Petkov Bullied a Dying Kid on Facebook
Bad Neighbor Jennifer Petkov Bullied a Dying Kid on Facebook
Report #: 42 - 0 Comments
Date Reported: Saturday, March 5, 2011
Status: Active and Ongoing
Severity: Moderate - Public Bullying
Primary Weapon: Social Networks
Specific Location: Trenton
City/Local Area: Detroit Metro
State/Territory: Michigan
Region: United States

Jennifer Petkov made headlines as the evil lady next door who bullied her 7 year old neighbor Kathleen Edwards on her personal Facebook page. The girl is dying of Huntington's Disease and Petkov never cared much for her parents one of which had already died from the same disease when she posted the pictures. The page contained poorly Photoshopped images of Kathleen's mother cuddling with the grim reaper and a picture of little Kathleen's face (again poorly Photoshopped) over a set of crossbones where a skull should have been. To add insult to injury Petkov had decorated her house with the same grim reaper theme for Halloween and even parked a pickup truck painted black tied to a trailer with a coffin on top outside of their house.

Petkov was quoted on the news citing a feud with Kathleen's grandmother who also lived on the same street as motive and said she did it for "personal satisfaction" because it would "burn" her "ass raw". Interviews with neighbors made it clear that people don't take too kindly to Jennifer Petkov around there while several news stories indicate that people in Detroit don't take too kindly to hearing about her on tv and countless pieces posted online make it clear that most people on the internet don't take too kindly to seeing her face on the web.

After all this happened Petkov was arrested, charged with, and later convicted of assault for trying to run over next door neighbor Tana Boling with her car. In addition to her 90 day jail sentence for the assault a judge granted relief to the neighborhood by ordering her to move out. A decision that will surely be condemned by future neighbors of Jennifer Petkov.

According to the media Petkov continues to use the internet and posted a video on You Tube before her conviction. The video according to prosecutors showed her getting too close to Tana Boling in violation of her bail.

Jennifer Petkov Ranting on TV

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