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Bullying that no one will stop

Bullying that no one will stop
Bullying that no one will stop
Report #: 341 - 4 Comments
Date Reported: Thursday, March 8, 2012
Status: Active and Ongoing
Severity: Elevated - Smear Campaign
Primary Weapon: Forums
Specific Location: ONLINE
City/Local Area: Detroit Metro
State/Territory: Michigan
Region: United States

users: Pan Dimensional Being


Kula diamond

The Kid

Sir James Peel Edgerton

are bullying me non stop, abusing the rep system, and the kid became a moderator and banned my for a whole day so that he could just say HI.

below i have the example of that in a screen cap.

the same user also took away all my GP on the site and turned it into -1011

because they want to lable me as a pedophile because im into anime, and the number stands for loli which is short for lolicon and thats under age hentai with girls in it.

im sick and tired of no one on that site doing anything, and im still shocked that a site that advocates online video game piracy is still up.

i want something done about this, i hear its illegal to bully online and i really want something done about it please!!!

i never did anything to these guys and all i ever do is basically what they do, (minus the bullying)

3/8/2012 -

this goes back so far that i cant even bring it all to the table here, im just sick and tired of these petty actions of these users on that site!

3/8/2012 -

if you all want, join that site and lets all fight them together

3/8/2012 -

so what the site did, to "stop the bullying" is to bann be from the spam center, where they usually dump my threads or tell me to pst because they think of me so little,

at the moment they have asystem where you can rep people 10 times in a day, i would apreciate you guys making accounts and helping me regain the rep that i want back, i had to "Buy" a great portion of it back, but anything will do to help.

i just cant believe they didnt chastise them for what they did, and yet i get banned from the spam center to stop "Conflict"

3/9/2012 -

eh the issue kinda resolved itself,

the only thing left is an idea i call the recovery.

if anyone here has an account on this site, or wants to help (by making an account),

help me by giving me all the positive rep that you can.

thats the onlything that can be done at the moment,

its not a big deal but its just something small. thx

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