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Child Safety On-line

Report #: 14550 - 5 Comments
Date Reported: Monday, May 16, 2022
Status: Active and Ongoing
Severity: Moderate - Public Bullying
Primary Weapon: Forums
Specific Location: Georgetown-Area
City/Local Area: Southwest Washington
State/Territory: Washington
Region: United States

The Internet has so much to offer. Children can be vulnerable when they are online. The best thing a parent can do is protect their child on the computer. There are so many programs that are reasonably priced that can prevent our children from automatically getting onto websites that may be harmful to them. Also, these programs can block undesirable persons or websites from reaching our children.

It's important that the parents look into these helpful programs even before we allow our children to using the Internet. A wealth of information is available on Yahoo concerning web safety. Also, online course study programs are available for free.It's better to be safe than sorry. Look into these options ASAP.

5/16/2022 -

Yes. More attention needs to be given to children and safety on the Internet. The college in our vicinity does have some program Tuesday evenings. Need more interested parties.

5/17/2022 -

Child safety online is critically important. I am a college professor in Illinois and I know a great deal of attention has been given to this matter within the past two years. Internet safety in general is always a concern.


5/17/2022 -

Thank goodness proper attention is given to our innocent children online. As a parent I constantly worry about my children coming in contact with unsavory characters while doing homework and other related things online. Children deserve a pleasant experience while on the computer.

5/19/2022 -

We have two children.. I think it's critical to monitor their computer activity and to prevent outside influences from reaching them via Internet.

5/31/2022 -

Yes we need to protect our children.

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