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Comment & Thoughts on Charges against NJ Cop

Report #: 6496 - 2 Comments
Date Reported: Wednesday, December 9, 2020
Status: Active and Ongoing
Severity: Low - Private Harassment
Primary Weapon: Text Messaging
Specific Location:
City/Local Area: Long Island
State/Territory: New York
Region: United States

Recent Charges brought against a New Jersey Police Officer:

This story has penetrated through the NJ, NY and surrounding areas. The North Jersey Cop that arrested an 18 year old girl for drugs. Apparently, this cop in a sense propositioned this teen and promising to possibly help her with the charges if she showed an interest in her. I think the Cop shut off his Camera that he had on his Patrol Car. Also, he apparently called her and tried to get her agree to let him come to her home. It is quite clear this guy is after some fun and Sex. It is possible if this girl did let him come to her home that he may have dropped the charge altogether.

This is disturbing because this Cop obviously has issues. Potentially people could get away with crimes if they go to bed with this Cop. Now you must begin to think that this may have happened many times since his tenure began. On the other hand you must also consider is this a first time incident?? Probably not. This Cop obviously feels he has the right to come on to any female he chooses in hopes of fulfilling his Sex Fantasies. This behavior is not acceptable and can be quite Dangerous. There are STD's going around, the risk of Pregnancy and the risk of a simple Sex act turning Violent.

More than likely this probably happened before and the Cop got away with this behavior. This Cop is handsome and probably has no problem getting dates. This may go much deeper than that. For a Cop to risk his job and jail time for some fun in the sack he could have Se x problems like addiction or Pornography issues. Which can place the entire department in Jeopardy. Scandals still occur today.

Again this is all guessing at this point. So how should this be handled. I am certain an Internal investigation and hearing are being conducted. Maybe this guy got carried away and just made a big mistake. Maybe the force is thinking others may come forward claiming that this Cop pursued some kind of liaison or one night stand. Issues involving Trust must be examined. Can this Officer be trusted in the future to uphold the law and keep Sex out of the workplace?

If this Cop has some Sex addiction or fetish that can prove lethal to the entire force and place the Township in danger of future litigation. If in fact, people that committed past crimes were let go after a Liaison, that is also a dangerous situation. It may be interesting to pay attention to the eventual outcome of this case.

What defense could the Cop have in this situation other than apologizing. This Cop is attractive but what kind of woman goes to bed with a Cop she just met during the commission of a crime no less. I am sure the staff Psychiatrist is involved to make an evaluation.

12/9/2020 -

Well said. Totally inappropriate and a danger to the public. ACAB

12/10/2020 -

I agree good article. I am very concerned that there probably are other similar incidents involving this cop in that he did not pursue charges or got rid of evidence if the female took an interest sexually in this guy. Also, the cop may have propositioned others that if they go to bed with him then he would dismiss a particular charge or fix it so the person faced no consequence.

Basically, if this cop's sex drive was satisfied then he overlooked criminal activity. Very scary especially with the already high crime rate that exists nationally.

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