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Conan O'Brien Priest Stalker David Ajemian

Conan O'Brien Priest Stalker David Ajemian
Conan O'Brien Priest Stalker David Ajemian
Report #: 183 - 6 Comments
Date Reported: Wednesday, June 29, 2011
Status: Past Incident
Severity: Moderate - Public Bullying
Primary Weapon: Comment Boards
Specific Location: Unknown
City/Local Area: Boston
State/Territory: Massachusetts
Region: United States

Around the time he started stalking Conan O'Brien David Ajemian posted several disturbing comments on NBC run Late Night with Conan O'Brien message boards under the screen name Padre009. In one of the comments Ajemian started referring to Conan as "Corncob O'Brien" and went into an incoherent rant that was as follows:

"I'm just a two-bit HACK and I don't even know it!!! My stories and nuttiness are PATHETIC--- why?? Well of course because they DON'T MEAN ANYTHING!!! Compared to THE WRITERS who are---- GOLDEN---- AND---- BEAUTIFUL---- AND---- BELOVED ... Yes the WRITERS---THE WRITERS--- UNDERSTAND EVERYTHING!!!! Everything that you witty and crazy and sweet young things could EVER want to know about the world."

It's not known if he were acting as him self in reference to "I'm just a two-bit HACK", acting as if he were another user, or acting as if he were Conan. Either way the name calling of Conan as "Corncob" constitutes minor public bullying.

The comments were really the tip of the iceberg when it comes to David Ajemian's story. Ajemian made national headlines by stalking Conan across the globe by showing up in Italy looking for him after already being arrested for stalking when he showed up at a taping of Late Night with Conan O'Brien. His stalking behavior led to him losing his position as a priest and being ordered into mental health treatment by the Archdiocese. In a recent news report (embedded below) a psychiatrist stated that Ajemian is mentally ill and recommends intense treatment for the man.

News Report on David Ajemian

10/18/2011 -

I was on the NBC board when Ajemian was posting there. This incoherent rant actually made since if you were actively participating as I was and saw what was going on.

David was actually the one being bullied and this is how he responded.

Also, Dr. Ablow had no right saying what he did about David on TV. He never conducted an evaluation--it was completely unethical on his part.

Not having all the facts and posting them on a public board is not very nice. I am going to post another comment. This came from another member of the message board.

10/18/2011 -

Hi! I really appreciate the email. It was so, so thoughtful of you. It’s really comforting to know that I have someone to talk to about recent things. I’m not freaked out about anything now. I never really was. I guess it was because I heard the news about Padre in the middle of a panic attack. (College is harder than anyone told me it would be.) In general, he has never made me feel anything negative. I always liked communicating with Padre on the boards. We had really amusing (I guess you could call them childish, like you said) inside jokes.

continued below

10/18/2011 -

I just feel horrible about the way he has been treated by the board people because his intentions are good, that I know of. I wish him all the best. I’m glad that you’ve spoken with him and seen him recently. I think this “scandal” is like any other: blown out of proportion. The Padre that I know and the Padre that I heard on the news is totally different.

Continued below

10/18/2011 -

I’ll only think of him as the nice person who gave me good advice and helped me to beat the SATS at its own game. I guess all in all, an (internet) father-figure. I must say, ever since I posted again on the boards and got some feedback, I’ve been sleeping better at night. I hope you’re doing well too. Again, thank you so much for the e-mail and kind words.”

End of comment

10/18/2011 -

Also, David never stalked Conan around the Globe. You don't have any of your facts straight. David was in Italy in June of 2007, five months before he was arrested. He had no idea Conan was in Rome too. I'd appreciate it if you would remove this post all together. This post slandering a person with false information is a form of bullying, no?

10/18/2011 -

This report summarizes the news coverage accurately, all sources are cited, and like the site disclaimer says reports like this are entirely based on news coverage. Your dissenting views are welcome here, so feel free to stick up for the man or anyone for that matter. That is what the comment boards are for. Unlike other anonymous reporting sites we allow rebuttals to be posted free of charge because we believe that both sides of the story should be heard.

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